Brilliant advertisement mockery

OK T-gang, I put a little ingenuity to work and coined a brilliant scheme to poke just a little fun at good ole’ musclemag. Perhaps a photo enriched compilation of not-so-successful stories of satisfied cell-tech users. It would be brilliant and hilarious (note the bold proclamations of brilliance) to put together a spoof magazine filled with horrifically obese bastards chugging there cell tech and proclaiming how wonderful it was for them to put on 30 lb. in just one month! Then to add insult to injury, we could throw in some insightful lab analysis comparing Nitro-Tech in a double blind study to Metamucil.

Hi there. My name is Randy Fenton and I’m writing to tell everybody about cell-tech. I would’ve ritten munths ago butt sumtimes they wont letus have pencils on the ward but today the nurse gave me a pensil and it is a safety pensil and I can rite. I’m riting about cell tek and the peepole at the Museltekk plase say that I am an eckspert and they put me in a lab coat and took pictures for theyr add. So let me telll you about cell tec. When I first got cell tek the nurse on the ward sayd I could not have it because it would cunflict with the zoloft and other antipsychotics that I were on. But I got to take it when she was not looking. Inside there was a little mouse. FOr a wile I just stared at him. Then I called musletek’s tool-free line and they said that the mouse was there because it added extra proteen. I stared at the mouse some more and then he told me that his name was “carl”. HE sayd that he had majical powers that would make me big and strong and even at 17 years of age I’d be 240 pounds with 4% bodyfat and a 400+ bench within three doses. I calld museltek back and they said that that was normal and every Cell-tek now comes with a talking mouse who will help you get big and strong and lean and make you fly. Being an eckspert on science I can tell you that Cell tek will help you if you want to be big and strong and turn into a dragon that can shoot fire. Buy cell tec.

"MB Eric: The preceeding exemplifies what Eric does post-workout on saturdays since 1999."


Great. When will we be able to see it.

good idea…and then they’d sue you

I will never take ANY product zulak pushes, see “everyones a critic” do the math

I am certain they would sue me, Especially since they know my name, adress, telephone number, and all other sorts of vital fact necessary for suing! lighten up