Oh Happy Friggin' Day

Heya Manimals. 'Twas raining round my Long Island, NY redidence this evening, and I trudged out to check the mail. I stuck my hand in the steel frame of the mailbox, an 'lo, some thick pages covered in a clear plastic sleeve. The new hard copy of T-mag! No, to my utter, seething dismay I recieved a free copy of “Muscular Development” May I be the first to say “yee haw” (<---- Insert sarcasm within) So I decided to open this little literary gem and scour the pages for something halfway intelligable. About five minutes later (The first two hundred pages are ads), I discovered how wrong I truly was. What I initially assumed was a COMPLETE RAG had such informative tidbits as : “Lifting: Form matters”, “Squats can Cause Shoulder Problems” (Sorry Deepsquatter), “Smoking Causes Premature Aging in Skin”, and the breakthrough study: “Drop Weight for Health” (Forget John Barardi, this little blurb will put him to shame!)Soon I shall have several religious zealots at my door, for by the time I trudged through the ads, fitness “models”, bs workouts, and “articles” about ads, and got to Coach Chucky P’s version of “Dear Abby” in back, The pic of Coach Poliquin was crying. Now how, how could T-mag POSSIBLY compete with such a pristine publication. For those of you who read and responded to (some more adamantly than others) about my possible TESTOSTERONE Tat, disregard. I am now considering an trendy “MD 4 Liph” inking, with a boarder printed “place ad here”. Lata.

"MB Eric: attempting to gather back some T-related brain cells in the aftermath since 1931."


MB Eric-How was the Charles Poliquin column? I would assume the rest was pretty crappy. And how’d you get a free one? I’ll have to give my mom back in LI a call and see if I got one. I dunno, I like free stuff. Even if it is a craptacularly disguised Twinlab ad…

Poliquin should quit MD. Hes not dumb. He knows they blow. They must pay him a shitload of money.

I got a copy of Muscular Development in the mail the other day, too. Mine was accompanied by a flyer telling me “your subscription expires with this issue, time to renew!”
Yeah, right, you gotta be kidding me! Mine is in the trash as we speak; took about two minutes to leaf through, reminding me why I don’t even look at it on the newsstand.