Bow to me TC!!

Bwahahahah! Actually, its just a catchy title. I was thinking that instead of only giving away free T-Mag shirts to those who spend over 150 bucks(I don’t recall the exact amount)in one sitting, that the custumores who have made several smaller purchases(like me) should also get them fancy shirts. I know it would probably be a pain is the ass for you guys, but it can be done with these sparkly machines we call computers, I know it! Anyways, I enjoy Biotest’s Methoxy 7 and wish to thank you for the free info on this site. C-ya

We’re working on a type of point system right now. From what I understand, you’ll be able earn and save up points that can be traded in to purchase special goodies- shirts, hats, supplements, books, etc. I believe Tim said Biotest is already keeping up with points.

point system would rock. i’m get about $150 worth of supplements every month or two. in about two weeks, i’ll be ordering 6 containers of Grow!. i’m eager for the system to kick in.