Breakfast Alternatives

Hey boys and girls, I have a question to ask. What are some non-solid breakfast options? My brother in law has a very difficult time eating in the morning. Difficult to the point of puking it back up. I would bet he has an ulcer… But anyway, he has trouble eating breakfast, and knows it is bad, that he is just shooting himself in the foot, especially since he is also hypoglycemic. But he cant seem to do anything about it. Anybody have any ideas as to liquid breakfast possibilities? Or even suggestions on how to settle his stomach in the morning? i am gonna kick him squaw in the balls till he gets checked for an ulcer…

1.5 cups fat-free cottage cheese, 2 scoops AP, 1/2 cup oatmeal… blend with water or milk. Tastes like a light creamy frosting… I eat that every morning and minus the oatmeal before bed.

Easy. Sip Advanced Protein. Add a little fruit if he wants. It’s very light and easy to drink. I can’t eat solid food either or heavy food in the morning. But AP works great.

Uhm. lets see. How bout a protein shake? And just because he cant eat in the morning, doesnt mean that he has an ulcer. I have had problems eating in the morning since i was little. Ive drank a protein shake every morning since i was 17. there is nothing wrong with it.

I’m currently reading a cool book on how food can heal the body. Bananas have been shown to help people with ulcers and heartburn. Have him mix up a protein shake with a banana thrown in. I’ll read up on that chapter and see if there are any other remedies.

Back up goldilocks… If you knew the guy, you would realize why I think he has an ulcer. And he has just recently (past couple years) run into this situation. A protein shake is obvious, i was looking for other alternatives. To those w/o an attitude, thank you for the help.

cool! Thanks Nate, I appreciate it.
my bad goldberg, but your post just sounded very prickish. sorry for jumpin ya.

hey Nate, what is the name of the book? thanks

All you told us was that he gets sick when he eats in the morning. Im not a mind reader. You didnt mention any other symptoms.

It’s called “The Doctors Book of Food Remedies.” As for ulcers, you can prevent them with bananas, chili peppers (yes, hot ones!), plenty of fiber, papayas and plantains. Good foods to treat them include cabbage, fiber, honey, plantains and yogurt!

thanks buddy, i will check out that book!

Damn, that’s a crapload of protein (80+ gm) in just one shake, no pun intended. I have to say though, it’s a hell of a way to jumpstart your daily protein intake requirement. Any stomach upset or bloating with the above recipe? I don’t mean to bust your balls, but I don’t hear many of the guys say they consume this much in one meal. Late.