I have just recently taken up weight lifting, but am finding it hard adapting to the new diet and restrictions on what I should and shouldn’t eat. The biggest problem I’m having is totally cutting out the booze. How often do you guys drink and still keep in shape?

Hey Bill, I here you. I’m in the same situation and trying to cut back. Basically, not drinking has a much bigger impact on your body than you would think. I would say, cut back slowly on the drinking and then try to eliminate it completely. I’ve been doing that recently and it hasn’t pained me that much to not be able to have a few. Good luck.

I don’t drink. Among other things, alcohol is a free radical nightmare. There are no good things that it does for the body. (yeh, yeh…but isn’t a little good for your heart? Sure…and a little cocaine will clear your nasal passages…) Just a suggestion. Don’t jump into a program of resistance training, cardio and diet all at one time. Just concentrate for a month or so in making SMALL, INCREMENTAL changes in your diet, SLOWLY decreasing the amount of alcohol you drink over time. Your body sometimes makes adjustments that are slow, and shocks to the system (like sudden changes in diet coupled with an increase in exercise) are doomed to fail. Take it in baby steps, and you’ll make it. Hope this helps!

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - But other then alcohol my diet is 100% clean and I just consider the drinking my 'cheat" i dont do the fast food or ice cream thing just the booze. [p.s. guys I KNOW IT IS BAD, but I like it and I only get to do college once]

Read the article at t-mag called “Foods that make you look good naked.” The subtitle is something like “…and foods that make you look nasty even while wearing a raincoat” or something like that. Guess which list booze is on? And since when is college an excuse for drunkenness? Not drinking, but drunkeness, intoxication, not being able to control oneself etc. There is a difference.

if any of you bro’s are still in school and like to party, AND dont want to drink, there is a always weed… Calorie free, just watch out on the munchies.

I have found that cutting out alcohol is pretty tough. Culture in England seems to revolve around drinking! Anyway, my tips are to stop drinking beer (200-250 kcals per pint) and switch to shorts with diet mixers e.g. whisky & diet coke or gine and slimline tonic. These come in at around 50kcals. Other tips are to make your first drink of the evening a non-alcoholic one (diet coke in my case) and also to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. That way I don’t feel like I’m completely denying myself yet am still being moderate. Hope this helps.

I don’t drink.

I think that if you can live without alcohol then do so. But, if you’re like a lot of us, it’s just plain fun to get a good buzz on once in a while. The last thing you want to be is one of those guys who lean against the wall all night looking at everyone else having fun. I guess what I’m trying to say is that life is meant to be lived. I gave up a lot in my early years of training to stick to a regime - I missed a TON of fun. Only now do I realize that it’s okay to let loose once in a while. I actually think it’s healthier to do so and adds a sort of balance to your life.

Me neither (snicker).

Really, you have to keep everything in perspective. I count a couple of beers as a cheat for the week. The rest of the time my diet is immaculate. So no big deal.

Since when is college an excuse for drunkeness? Since when is it not? College is basically an advertisement for drunken fun. I think drinking a few times a month is fine, we have our whole lives to eat clean and avoid the bad things. We should enjoy our youth now. Have you seen those commercials for the Spring Break Coeds? I rest my case.

Thanks by the way for your opinion, Nate Dogg, irrelevant as it was.

Drunk - sloppy and out of shape is no way
to go through life!!! - Boley

I was in the same situation as you. For a while I would drink only everclear mixed with dies soda (Diet Ruby Red Squirt is the best). You don’t want to combine other calories with alcohol because fat storage will be increased.
Well, about 4-5 months ago I quit and have drinken only twice since then. It’s hard, especailly when it’s so social, but I have gotten much stronger since then. Plus alcohol is a nightmare for your body.

I only drink about once every month or so. This is rather impressive considering the amount of times I am at a party with alcohol in a given month. It is funny because all my friends treat it as, i don’t know, like, a “special occasion” if I drink (I am a hilarious drunk mind you). They are like “Whoa ______ is drinking!?!?” I only get really trashed about twice a year. Please, fellow forum peeps, don’t give me that ‘holier than thou crap’ If you don’t drink, good for you, there is nothing wrong with those of us that OCCASIONALLY enjoy a few shots from now and then.