BodyOpus Questions

Anybody who has done bodyopus care to help me out on this one? Duchaine talks about carbing up glucose polymers and such and says to avoid sucrose and fructose. What is a glucose polymer and what foods have them? Thanks guys.

Hi Matt. Glucose polymers are carbs such as maltodextrin, dextrose. These are very high glycemic and will preferentially refill muscle glycogen as opposed to liver glycogen (which is what fructose/sucrose will do). It takes longer to reenter ketosis with a fully glycogenated liver, plus excess fructose consumption will be stored as fat (over 50 g.). Your best sources of glucose polymers are your carbo powders. You can either get maltodextrin or dextrose straight, or you can buy something like Ultra Fuel but keep in mind that Ultra Fuel contains some fructose. Grape juice is a good source if you don’t want to buy a supplement, but in the long run you’re better off buying straight glucose polymers. Hope this helps.

don’t waste your money on carb powders! Go to you health food store or anywhere that sells beer brewing supplies and buy the corn sugar for about 1.87 a pound! Also, I also found duchaines depletion workout to be a wasted of time and energy, as well as his carb up procedure. I don’t know about anyone else but I DID NOT wake up every two hours to drink a carb/protien shake. i also found that until you have fairly visible abs, the glucose drink is not needed. I did the corn sugar protein drinks ONLY when I was lean enough for it to make a difference.