Big Jez' Training Log

Checked in with coach
Wants me to start doing a form of cardio every day
So I’ll start doing fasted cardio

Just keep pumping up the muscles that you want to grow. If something starts lagging then move it to start of your workout so it gets all the energy it needs.

There’s a early 20’s kid in the Pharma section who used some Test to go from a 130 lb stick to a 145 lb guy who looks like he’s lifted for a year. You could try that.


I’m on TRT, lol.

My pharma gear must be bunk.


I remember. You have to abuse it, man. Double up on the doses. Add an AI if necessary. Go for it.

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Oh, I’ve cycled since I got on. But, you have to eat, and that’s not my strong suit.

Weighed in at 178 this morning, lol. Was thinking about bulking come September, but you know, that whole eating thing.

This may be of interest if your looking at bringing up the traps, the lawnmowers are awesome. I did the routine as written for a few weeks and then did an exercise to finish my sessions after that on recommendation from Paul. Worked great and the rep schemes seem to be up your street.

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Thanks for that mate, looks the goods
And that lawnmower looks killer
I’m pretty sure I’ve pulled my traps once before pulling an actual lawnmower cord so adding weight too it might just do the trick
He is right though, you gotta train them twice a week

Monday PM
Kinda- had no real goal tonight but I did some weakness work

4 sets 15/10 lat pull downs
3 sets 5reps assisted pull ups full ROM with 40kg assisting
3 sets 20 reps stiff arm cable pull downs

3x10 snatch grip rack pulls from mid shin
4x10 T bar row

15 min treadmill (cardio bunny yo) steep incline fast pace
200 cal assault bike

Got a lil challenge to everybody

Time to beat 15.03mins
5km row full resistance

Post your times
You enter the hurt locker between 2k and 4k

Finished with my leg extensions pyrimid


Challenge accepted. I dont think I’ll beat yours though

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Do the Concept 2 rowers have adjustable resistance? I just thought they had one setting.

We have a few concept 2 rowers and they still have the resistance adjustment on the right hand side

I’ll look closer tomorrow. The rower might be a good alternative since my hamstring is cranky.

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You’re on big guy… This is going to hurt my bulking a lot.

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I’ll definitely go with full resistance. I resist the temptation to even consider doing this.


I just reread that time and did a bit of calculation, that’s an avg speed of 1 min 30 sec for 500 m.
I don’t think I’ll ever beat that.

It would have something to do with the fact that my row length is a lot longer then the average arm length however many of the people in the CrossFit box I went too were between 5’7 and 6’1, most of them were in the mid 2’s per km
I felt childish in some of those workouts how advanced those “average” guys and girls were


Wednesday PM
Was severely limited for time and my decision to go to the gym caused a little argument between the significant other and I, but she decided to go out taking my only form of transport hence why I couldn’t go earlier
So I compromised and did a heavy only session which I haven’t done in a long time

Worked up to 8x3 100kg
A bunch of cable rows and triceps push downs between sets of bench
It was literally 30 minutes of work but damn I hit it hard because my pecs have some severe doms today

Rest tonight
Back In for upper fluff on friday

This is why I made a home gym… I’m away too much to spend 6 hours at a gym each week.

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The problem is space and the fact that we are in a brand new rental where they owner doesn’t want any modifications to the house, which I understand and respect
But when we do eventually buy, as we both are into fitness, that a garage or outdoor CrossFit box will be constructed
Already accumulated machines and weights so I’ll just have to source some rubber Mats and a rig

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Lasts night bench

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