Bicep stimulation

I need some help. Every time I workout my biceps, they never get sore. Even if I lay off of them for a month, and then hit them hard, they don’t get sore. Currently, I am using a HIT workout, working out monday, thursday. I don’t think this is from lack of sets, but lack of stimulation. I have a hard time making my bicep lift the weight (mind muscle connection). It feels like I’m getting more stimulation in my forearms. Does this mean I need to encorporate more forearm work? If so, what kinds of exercises. Thanks

well honestly, your not feeling sore because you use HIT. your body has adapted to doing that excersize, even if you take a month off you still have adapted to doing that excersize for a while. Basically soreness results mostly from the eccentric (lowering of the weight, lengthning of the muscle) phase of the lift. So take more time during the eccentric portion of the curl (4-10 seconds per rep) and you should feel more sore.

Try Poliquins workout from paper mag #2 and you will feel them. In fact probably for many days after. Trust me on this one. I was cursing Poliquin for days.

my biceps rarely get sore either. in fact, i think if they get too sore, then i overtrained them. remember that soreness doesn’t mean growth. a lot of people don’t get soreness. i did Poliquin’s extreme arm workout and my arms were perfectly fine 3 days later with mild soreness the first 2 days. experiment using different programs.

Hey nothingx, it’s actually not becuase I use HIT, because they have really never responded using any kind of workout(and trust me, I have tried them all from 3 sets of ten, 10 sets of 10, 21’s, and not directly working them. The rest of my body responds great to HIT, and that is why I use it. I am just trying to find a way to stimulate them, so they will finally grow.

soreness doesnt mean growth. also you have to make sure your doing the correct form keeping your hands straight with your arms and elbows down with no swinging whatsoever. also try standing with your back to a wall, getting more TUT and really squeeze them hard at the top. also doing some ultra slow chins has always killed my bi’s

Use Ian King’s Great Guns program. If you follow it correctly you’ll add size and if you really insist on it, yes, certain stages will make you really really sore. Check it out at t-mag.

What kind of HIT program? So many things have been changed from the original Heavy Duty that most people are just doing less sets now at the same intensity as before. If you like high intensity programs do this: train biceps on monday only, after back. Do 4 sets to warm up the muscles. Do 2 sets of curls to failure, then have a spotter help you do 5-6 assisted reps, then strip off 40% of the weight, go to failure and have your spotter help you with 4-5 forced reps. Next do a type of concentration curls in the same manner for 1 set. Rest at least 3 minutes between sets. I know this is VERY painful and you can eaily hurt yourself but that is the reason it produses HUGE results.

Check out Charle’s Poliquin’s 1-6 Principle at

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If you want to feel some work taking place in your bi’s then you need to make sure your elbows are by your sides and pulled back. Also that you are doing strict form preacher curls. Twenty-One’s. And most importantly that you go Low-Reps/HeavyWeights every other workout.

Now, I’m a firm believer that the body will tell you what to do if you just listen to it. You haven’t been listening. If you were, you’d do anything but what you’ve been doing because it’s not working! Mix it up. Hit your bis in different ways.

Again 1-6 principle 21's Strict Preachers High Weight, 3-5 reps for failure.