Best for Strength - Nandrosol or Androsol

I am a competitive powerlifter and was curious as to which products would be the best for strength gains, and also, how should they be used?

Thanks for the help…Pete

We have not measured it but I would think
the strength gain, for any given amount
of mass gain, is the same regardless of
which product gave that mass gain. This
is making the comparison when the product
is not in the system – just comparing
how the muscle works after the cycle.

While the product is in the system, Androsol
would win because it has much more effect
on the CNS. Some athletes see significant gains in strength – several percent – simply from
stimulatory effect: in other words, they’re
stronger 1 hour after popping a methyl-test
or something. Others see little or no difference.

Pete…Are you looking for legal or illegal products?

Thanks Bill, I will finish my cycle of Nandrosol and then give Androsol a try.

JRR…I would of course prefer legal unless there is something out there that is easy to obtain and as safe as Nandrosol/Androsol. Any suggestions?


Pete…Nah…Androsol and Norandrosol are the easiest to obtain. I do not think that steroids are harmful if used in moderation. The key word being moderation. The problem with most is that once they see the gains they can make “on”, they feel they need to constantly be “on”. At the end of the day, I do not believe steroids are any more harmful than alot of OTC supps.

It’s an interesting question as to what pharmaceutical steroids are as safe as Androsol and Nandrosol.

I feel all 17-alkylated steroids are obviously
out, for the obvious reason of the liver problems that can occur with continued use. This rules out all the orals except Primobolan (which however is not practical using the Mexican tabs.) Well, Proviron is not ruled out
but it doesn’t build muscle so it’s out
of the running anyway.

For the injectables, I’d say anything that
aromatizes significantly, or has problems
with conversion to DHT, is less safe than
Androsol and Nandrosol. This rules out
testosterone and can make Equipoise a
question mark.

It leaves Primo, Deca,
and trenbolone acetate.

We also don’t want a compound that is
highly inhibitory for any given amount
of anabolic effect, since 4-AD and nor-4-AD
seem very favorable in this regard. This
rules out Deca and utterly rules out trenbolone acetate (providing equal safety is a concern and we count inhibition as part of safety, though over a 2 week period it really is not a safety issue.)

This leaves one steroid as being equally safe:
Primobolan. In fact, for women I would say
Primo is better proven to be safe than Nandrosol, and quite likely even more of a difference compared to Androsol (it’s possible Primo and Nandrosol are comparable to each
other for women but this is not proven.)

Bill, I thought trenbolone was 17-AA. If it isn’t and since we know that the kidney stuff is bullshit, what exactly makes it a harmful steroid(I know its tough on the hair line but so few steroids aren’t)? Is this just people making something out of nothing?

Trenbolone isn’t 17-alkylated. I do not think
it is the slightest bit more toxic, for any
given degree of anabolic effect, than any
other non-alkylated steroid.

Now, how could rumors to the contrary have
gotten started?

First, Parabolan, which was once the predominant form of trenbolone, is a French
product. That’s almost enough said right there,
but there’s also the thing that there was
something weird about that formulation. I’ve
never used it, but I’ve been told by several
who have used it that they could immediately
taste something funny after injecting it. (I’ve experienced the same sort of thing – an immediate taste – both from inadvertant
transdermal absorption of methyl ethyl ketone
back when I was an aircraft mechanic, and
from injection of an oil preparation that
still included some small amount of ether
which I wrongly regarded as harmless.) The
trenbolone itself does not cause that. There’s something weird in it and perhaps that is the
cause of whatever problems Parabolan may, or may not, have had.

Secondly, pretty much the only guys using Parabolan were guys who already had some heavy stacks going in the first place, sometimes staggeringly so. Especially since they were
typically only using a small number of Parabolans per week (76 mg Parabolan is the
same amount of trenbolone as about 50 or 55 mg
of TA) due to the cost, it seems unlikely that the problem really was the Parabolan… maybe the problem was just that these guys were going too heavy and adding yet another thing was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The third thing is that these days, trenbolone
is often derived from the pellets, and people
may have adverse reactions to the binder or
to the solvents that are being used – unfortunately not
just oil and a small amount of benzyl alcohol, which would be okay – and the blame for this adverse reaction may again fall on the trenbolone.