Trenbolone Acetate

I’ve read in another mag that trenbolone acetate is nothing more than ralgro or some other cattle pellet ground up and mixed with a solution for injection. Is this right? If so, what is the solution.

It’s a little more complex than a ground up pellet in sollution. You have to seperate the inactive ingredients (binders, etc.) from the active drug. Duchaine wrote an indepth piece on this process several years ago in MM2K. Not worth the effort, there are better products available to you.

Didn’t Bill or Brock mention in an earlier post that some of their clients were expereincing great results using trenbolone acetate with androsol? And how about the mixture of finaplix and androsol…Finosol? I thought that since the halflife of these compounds is fairly quick that they make for ideal components for the 2 on 4 off cycles. Anyone else?

I believe Duchaine’s article on finaplix apeared in one of the 94’ MM2K’s. There were two forms being discused at the time, one being a topical liquid involving DMSO, the other being a sesame oil based injectable (not a good idea). As for it’s effectiveness, finaplix (much like parabolan) can be a rough product. Despite their short life and lack of estrogen conversion, the trenbolones can cause severe androgenic side effects. Also, they can result in gynecomastia due to a reaction with progesterone receptors. Definately not a product to be taken lightly.

Ken you said that there is better stuff out there than fina, I think that fina is the king for cutting up.I would not take it for more than three weeks at a time because of how toxic it is but if you could get your hands arimidex. then gyno should not be a problem. I am taking 75mg of fina EOD with 50 sprays of androsol twice a day. I will let you guys know how it works out.

I think you guys should get more info before you start
giving advice to people. First, trenbolone does work well;
I have known many people who have used it with good
results. Second, I have never seen any evidence that
trenbolone binds to the progesterone receptor. If that
happened to someone you know, then most likely it was fake

  • it was probably nandrolone passed off as trenbolone.
    Third, it is very rare that people will get gyno as a
    result of a drug binding to the progesterone receptor.
    I have heard of people occasionally getting gyno from high
    doses of nandrolone, but this is not common. Fourth, even
    if tren did cause gyno via the mechanism you propose (the
    prog receptor) then it is not at all clear that arimidix
    would do anything to prevent it. Trenbolone doesn’t
    aromatize into estrogen. And that is how arimidex
    works: by preventing the aromatase enzyme from causing that
    conversion. Also, trenbolone doesn’t 5-alpha reduce either,
    so if trenbolone does have any effect on the progesterone
    receptor then it is due to the drug itself, and not due to
    any conversion. I have never seen or heard of anyone
    getting gyno from trenbolone by itself. If someone gets
    gyno from finaplix it is not from the tren but from the
    estrogen also contained in finaplix (finaplix is not
    pure tren). If this was the cause then arimidex would still
    not work because the estrogen already exists. The only
    thing that would work in that case would be to use clomid
    or nolvadex which would block the estrogen at the receptor.
    Finally, I have not seen any evidence that trenbolone is
    liver toxic if not used in massive quantities. (Is that
    what you were refering to by saying it is “toxic”?) Please
    provide your evidence of how tren is “toxic.”

I’ll defend my statements. First off, I agree that it works well. I just think that it’s use should be taken more seriously (great for a contest, but not the best choice for the guy who just wants to look good for the ladies). In addition to some rather severe androgenic side effects, I have seen it impart gynecomastia. The way it was explained to me was that trenbolone attaches to progesterone receptors and imparts progesterone action (the key difference from simply attaching to the receptor). Basically, I’ve seen too many guys take trenbolone thinking that it’s a mild product, only to find out the hard way that it’s not.

I agree that tren is a serious drug, and that it shouldn’t
be used all the time (but no steroid should). I think it
can still be used on a 2on 4of type cycle w/o any problems.
I still disagree with your other points though.

Let's pose the questions to Bill or Brock or Patterson:
1. Have you ever seen trenbolone *by itself* (not along with the estrogen in Finaplix) cause gyno?
2a. Does tren attach to the progesterone receptor?
2b. If so, does it exert any progesterone effects?

How harsh other side effects are produced varies greatly from individual to individual. Some people experience side effects and others don't. Everyone considering taking it should certainly keep that in mind.

I don’t have any big problems with trenbolone acetate. My concern was the origional post refering to ground up pellets being disolved in a solution and injected. Home made injectables are rarely safe. If you want to use trenbolone, the topical method would be a lot safer. Parabolan and finajet were two pharmaceutical versions of trenbolone, but I haven’t seen either in quite a few years. I think finajet was discontinued a decade or so ago, but I could be wrong.

I heard that tren was not very good for the kidneys not so much the liver. I take cranberry concetrate. It might help alittle

Ken: Everyone I know who has used tren has used it
topically. No one I know who has used it is risk prone
enough to inject a “home brew” concoction. But I agree with
you that injecting something like that is risky.

I remember finajet having a reputation for causing gyno. I’m not really sure about the progesterone theory though. Of course, a lot of it would depend on the individual.

Ken: I’m not sure of this, but I think Finajet also
contained estrogen similar to how Finaplix does. Both
Finajet and Finaplix were designed to stimulate growth
in cattles, and they’ve found that cattle grow better
with a combination of AAS and estrogen. So if Finajet
was causing gyno it was probably because of the estrogen
it contained.

Finiplix does NOT contain Estrogen. It is just plain Trenbolone with fillers and glue.
Its the Ralgrow that has the added estrogen.
And yes, it can cause Gyno through the progesterone pathway.
(Although I know people that have converted it into an injectable substance and used 900mg a week with no problems.)

It is important you get finaplex H and seperate the glues. if you just crushed it up and added sesame oil you would have to use a 18 gauge pin. fina when seperated in to trenblone I use a 5/8 25 gauge pin it is very thin.

I go through this board and it amazes me. I’m trying not
to be negative but damn…most of these questions and issues
have be addressed and redressed extensively here at TMAG
and elsewhere. We have archives. USE them!!!

I get tired of repeating myself and answering the
same questions, day in, day out.

:/rant off

Now…Finaplix H is a pellet impant for cattle. Each pellet
has 20mg of trenbolone acetate (a different ester than
what was in Parabolan, which is NOT made anymore).
There is no estrogen or progesterone in it. Trenbolone’s
major metabolite is epitrenbolone. It does not aromatize
to an estrogen. There’s ZERO evidence that it has
any interaction with ER or PR.

Tren is not harsh on the kidneys (or no more so than
testosterone or 4-AD).

One fellow in this thread offered some exceptional advice:
Before you offer an opinion, make sure you know what the
hell your talking about.

So enough with the BS information. And in this day and
age, if you speculate, you better make damed sure you
habe thought your theory through and have, at a minimum,
some indirect evidence to support it.

Tren does NOT cause gyno. Period. It can’t do this.
So if someone “used tren” and grew a set of Dolly Parton’s,
he is lying or was lied to.

I would strongly suggest that each and everyone of you go
back and reread my columns, Batcheldors and Roberts.

Yes, I am having a bad day and this just rubbed me the
wrong way.


Like I said Brock- I know people that hit 900mg a day with no problems. it was however, Dan Duchaine that claimed Tren could cause gyno through progesterone…

I searched through my archives and found the infamous Duchaine article on creating a transdermall trenbolone. It appears in the December-January 94’ edition of MM2K. During my search, I found a few additional discussions on the product. Most notably, the July 95’MM2K. In that issue’s “ask the guru” Dan covered the gyno issue briefly (he said it does). His overall opinion on trenbolone acetate was quite different from Mr. Strasser’s. So, I guess it all comes down to choosing between the opinions of the “paper guru” or the “e guru.” I for one will choose neither. I’m just not a fan of home made gear.

Here’s the quote from Duchaine’s Ask The Guru in the MM2K July 95 issue:

“trenbolones … are just nasty steriods, imparting severe androgenic effects. And although the steriod shows no conversion to estrogen, trenbolone use can cause gynecomastia. … [Trenbolone has] a cross reaction with progesterone receptors. The androgen not only attachs onto this female hormone receptor but also imparts progesterone action, including breast tissue swelling.”

Brock or Bill any comments or rebuttals?

Duchaine was wrong. The compound he was thinking of was
“allyl trenbolone” which does not convert to progesterone
but has some inherent progestic properties. Allyl
tren is NOT the same thing as tren.

I confirmed this when I spoke with Bill Roberts tonight.

Tren will not give you gyno by progestnic or estrogenic