TRT blood results after 7 weeks

I’m still not feeling much different. I’m dieting well, exercising and sleeping well. Do you think I should ask to increase it or is it still to early ?

Those estrogen values are normal for a child or teenager going through puberty, but are deficient for adult male. Your estrogen is 15 pg/mL, normal adult male estrogen is 25-35 of men not on TRT and with Total T <500 ng/dL.

Yes, increase your dosage!

Thanks. I really appreciate you replying as this is all new to me. I’ve passed on those concerns to the people at the clinic. They’ve booked me in for a phone chat with a consultant (I don’t think it’s a doctor).

I also take HCG 0.1 mls Two Times a week SUBCUT. I presume it makes a difference but when I put it in the needle and inject it looks like nothing !

HCG dosing is in International units or IU, not mL.

As far as your protocol of 100 IU of hCG, it is nothing! Whoever is managing your dosing protocol for hCG is clueless and doesn’t know what the f*** they’re doing! 100 IU isn’t high enough to do anything, the dose is too low.

Even at 250 IU twice weekly, response will be difficult to detect and a non-response is expected. Normal dosing for twice weekly of hCG is at a minimum 350 IU’s to feel the effects with 500 IU being the norm.

As far as your clinic is concerned, you’re not in good hands!

Bloody hell that’s worrying. I’ve sent them a message and will speak to them Monday. I really appreciate your help by the way :+1:t2:

I’ve just spoken to the doctor and he’s taking me from 0.25ml of test cyp to 0.27ml :thinking:.

I told him I don’t feel any different after 2 months. Is a change of 0.02ml going to change much ? I think I’ve put that extra amount by mistake before as I can’t always judge the amount in the syringe !

And he said my estrogen was fine.

You need to learn how to communicate your dosage properly. This is not a dosage, it’s volume of medicine minus the strength.

Testosterone dosing is measured by strength in mg, mg plus volume = dose.

You don’t say how often your inject Test or when in relation to your injections you’re drawing labs.

Sorry about that, this is all new to me.

I currently take Testosterone Cypionate 0.25 mls TWO times a week SubCUT

And I’ve been told to increase to 0.27 ml twice a week.

Hey there
What is the concentration of the test?

Would be on the label.
It will be a number followed by mg/ml.

Jesus christ…you are INJECTING a drug into your body and you cannot differentiate between drug dosage[mg] & volume? And you apparently did not do any research yourself to learn about HCG, otherwise you would have instantly known that the prescribed IU’s were insanely too low for the intended purposes…wait, do you even know why you are being prescribed HCG? Maybe you should spend some time reading up on these medications, learning as much as you can about their indications/uses, normal dosages/frequency, effects, side effects, potential undesirable side effects, etc. etc? Again, you are injecting drugs into your body, don’t you want to have as much knowledge as possible about these drugs? This stuff isn’t like taking a daily multivitamin, these drugs have many different effects upon the body, and yes, some can potentially be bad for you (increased blood pressure, lowered HDL/raised LDL, increased liver enzymes, reduced or no sperm count, accelerated male pattern baldness, increased aggression, etc) so it SHOULD be important to know what you are getting yourself into before you put the needle[s] in!

I suggest you maybe step BACK from this as it sounds like you maybe saw an advertisement or billboard talking about taking testosterone to feel younger or get your spring back in your step, thought it sounded like a good idea and just went and said “go for it doc, I’m ready to inject these drugs!”

I’m not even going to get into the fact that you are JUST 7 WEEKS into them and now already talking about shennanigans with taking more, or different non-prescribed drugs, on top of your TRT “regimen”…and trying to conceal it from your doctor. Yeah, people sometimes will do this, but it’s usually people who already have experience with anabolics who want a little more…but you haven’t even yet gotten the full effects of just the TRT itself! Nor do you exhibit any knowledge/familiarity with anabolics on top of that.
Slow down man, be smart, and learn some shit. I’m not trying to be an asshole to you but damn, like I said, these aren’t tic tacs we’re talking about taking, these are potentially powerful drugs. Be safe and smart with your body.

Calm down. I’m new to this so just learning the lingo. I have total trust in the trt company I went with so I haven’t questioned the iu or trt concentration up until now.

You say the iu’s were “insanely low”, how do I know that if my doctor is prescribing that amount ?

I just thought I’d feel a bit better by now, that’s all (and I know it’s only 8 weeks) so thought I could tweak the amounts.