Bad Candy!!!!

How bad is an occasional fatfree sugar binge? Because I just had one and it was awesome. But now I feel bad because I blew my diet. I have a very strict cutting diet that I am currently on. How bad is an occasional sugar fest?

i was inquiring that same thing earlier… sounds to me like youre not supposed to … but for mental stability i must

If I am strict with my diet all week long, I can eat whatever I want and as much as I want during the Sunday. That means EVERYTHING, candy bars, cakes, sweets, chocolate, 15.000 kCal if I want to. It takes 5 days for me to get back to homeostasis and the same bodyweight. If I am doing keto diet at 10xbw, I can carb load at 800 g of carbs during Sunday. Of course, if you pig out during Sundays, you won’t lose any weight overall. So, it all depends on your goals.