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I would like to know about your qualifications and history. Assuming that’s you in the Avatar photo, very nice physique. Why not start with something about you and why somebody would want your advice?

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Sure that’s a fair question. So I’ve been training on and off for 28 years with the last ten years being super consistent with everything. I’ve completed in 5 bodybuilding shows in men’s physique and classic bodybuilding winning some high level amataur shows. Now I am a trainer and prep coach having coached several people to the bodybuilding stage. Yes that’s me in the pic, from 2021

I’d be interested to know your stage stats. Height, weight, any bragging measurements? How does it differ in the off season? Do you stay fairly lean year round?

5’5" 155lb there, retired now but I stayed relatively lean in off-season , weight went up to 165-170 in off-season with some visible abs. Not a fan of dirty bulking

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what if I don’t do health phase aka cruise or bridge after a contest straight go into bulking cycle then a pre contest cycle (the entire thing last a year) do you think cruise phase is necessary for desensitise the androgen receptors and break greater plateaus in the bulking cycle? Some says you won’t be able to grow go straight into bulking cycle after contest prep how do you deal with this? Changing compound increase doses etc