Anyone Use Reverse Grip Benchs, to build there regular bench

ive just started doing these, and have heard they are great for adding strength to the triceps. just curious as to how many other guys use this exercise. does louie simmons use this exercise in his workouts. if not, why. any responces appreciated.

i’ve used them off and on for years. they work great. some people who follow the west side workout use them. i use them as a supplementary exercise because it is too difficult to do singles with them.

make sure you have a spot who knows what he is doing.

I think they’re great. But Pete is right. You need a good spot. Just getting the bar unracked and in position to start will require a spot if you’re going to do serious weight.

Conan, I have just started doing them and all i can say is bloody hell i stick to rep range of of 2-6 as i have just started my first dedicated strength phase as my bench sucked and it is up 10 lbs in two weeks so if your triceps are the weak link in your bench or military presses i would recommend them.