anyone tried hst workouts?

as above

what did u think of it?

did u get good results?


Tried it. Didn’t like it. Didn’t work for me. Others have had a good experience with it.

love it

great results

just started my 3rd cycle

I like it a lot. Have been using it for one year and a half or something. My results are all posted at the HST forums “my results with HST” thread.

Tried it, didn’t like it at all, heard lots of others saying they did, started a thread to try to figure out what the missing link was. As noted above, it’s called HST Results.

The lesson to be learned here is that there’s a wealth of information already in the archives, especially when it comes to programs that are a little older and/or were published a little while back. Do a search and you’ll get lots of info.

Tried it just for the fun of it… …worked ok for me… do a cycle or 2 once in a while…

done a search and i was suprised that it didn’t work for some ppl.

i got really good results from it, added bout 20kg to my squat and increased mass well. didn’t measure it though and cant remember, it was a while ago.

just thought i’d let u know