Another fiber type Q

ok, i have another scenario here…this time concerning chest training. a friend of mine were training chest – flat bench first. we both have similar strength and benched 225 for 8 on a 301 for 2 sets. we move to incline db press and he is still strong, putting up 100s for his set while i have to work really hard with 75-80s. again here i am dropping off fast and his strength is staying. would this be at all indicative of fiber type? in my mind, i would be more fast twitch than he is, since he stays strong througout the workout (muscular endurance) and i do not. thoughts?

Maybe his delts and tris are the real factor. Are the 2 of you built exactly the same? Same limb lengths and same attachment points and same muscle belly to tendon length ratios? It could be leverage as well.