Androsol to Canada

For those of you wondering how successfully you can get Androsol shipped to Canada, I’ll let you know in about a week or two. I made an order today from Netrition who told me when shipped via air they have about a 90% success rate of delivery (but who knows, they might have been talking out their asses). So anyways, I’ll update you in 1-2 weeks to let you other A-sol craving Cannucks how I made out.

I shipped Androsol to Canada with no problems. It comes FedEx right from BioTest Online. It’s marked as “Supplement” on the FedEx sticker. Guess it depends on how dilligent the Customs people are that day…

Cant wait to see if you get it. Myself and a few buds have been trying to get it shipped since it came out, without success. I was going to just drive down to Greatfalls and pick some up but I’d rather pass on the 5hr drive.

What did they hit you with for shipping? To order from Biotest really hurts on the shipping.

Hey Guys…

I hear it’s damn near impossivle to get A-SOL here in Canada. I’m in the GTA and the only place that sold it got booked large at the border. Simply put, they said customs is on the look out for anyone trying to bring this stuff onto canadian soil. Good Luck. Post a BOLD message if you do get it from netrition. How effective is it to order it from BIOTEST??? Has anyone had any luck yet???

Well, we don’t know what the shipping is gonna cost (considering it’s being shipped TWICE, I’m sure it’s not cheap), but it’s here in Canada, from Biotest. Our next move was to cross the border to pick it up. What can I say - we want the stuff (so do all Canadians on here!), but we’re “not allowed”, so, just like any other time you’re getting an extra-legal, or for that matter illegal substance, it costs more.

Sucks, but that’s Canada sometimes!

first off, Canucks is spelled with one!! “n” not two!! :slight_smile: second, i have ordered androsol (from biotest) twice now to canada and have not had any problem. it gets shipped saying skin tonic or something and from what i could tell, it was never even opened by customs! so, unless things have changed in the last 3-4 months, go ahead and order right from biotest.

This is a good time to order Androsol to Canada, especially in the Eastern provinces. Canada Customs is pulling a lot of personnel to the border crossings to stop the riff-raff from coming across and causing trouble at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City. So in theory there’s less personnel available to check incoming packages. But after next week this window of opportunity is up.

I know a great Androsol source (5 orders and counting, no interceptions), but I’m not revealing it so the source doesn’t get burned. Sorry! But for all you other Canucks, the above “window” will probably apply to any retailer, so give it a shot.

Sorry Dave I guess Hooked on Phonics didn’t work so well for me.

Anyways, those of you who got it successfully - it sounds like Fed X was the way to go. Mine’s coming (I hope) through air mail. Netrition said the custome label will say something like “Nutritional Supplement - for personal use only”. I hope that doesn’t screw me. I also hope that if it is seized, customs will mark “Return to Sender” on it for me so I’m not out 80 bones. I’ll keep you posted.

BeaR, I’m in the GTA too. Where do you work out at?

Here’s a heads up on the whole Andro/Canada debate - ours got into Canada no probem (into BC no less - so…), BUT it cost us a whopping 58 bucks for shipping and duty (44 bucks for duty…). Holy crap! That certainly makes is less appealing then stocking up on it on a trip. Question - I’m taking a trip to Vegas soon…is there any stores there that stock Biotest products? Anyone?


TDW - I’m trying to avoid the duty propblem so I checked off the “gift” option when ordering. In doing so, Netrition will put in a packing slip without prices. Hopefully this will reduce any charges that I might have otherwise been subjected to (if it gets here). Cross those fingers for me guys!

TDW: e-mail or call the service people at Biotest and they will tell you which retailers they have in a specific area. They helped me out when I went to Seattle.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I picked up a bunch of Nandrosol and Androsol in Seattle and customs didn’t even ask me if I had anything to declare on my way back. Got to love some of those slack-asses.

I’ve had it shipped 2x and had no problems getting into Canada (Toronto).

This is a little off topic, but I just got an e-mail from renegade nutrition, saying that he’s having to look into the legalities of T2. This is after he gauranteed me that he wouldn’t have any troubles!

I have had 4-5 orders of Androsol and or Nandrosol come with no problem. I have to return a call to BioTest about T2 however.

I have a friend who had it shipped to Vancouver and had no problems. Seems Van. customs is slack and let shit through. I had 6 bottles sent to my aunt in Sandpoint on monday and she dropped them off last night. 100 sprays this morn and I’m ready to go go go!

I notice some canucks are posting…then i look outside and realize i live in the GTA too :)…jsut curious for anyone that lives in GTA where they work out at…i workout at fitness west, the former powerhouse gym

Hey Steve, I work out down at the Adelaide Club in the Exchange Tower. Nice spot though not a whole lot of what you may consider “hardcore” lifters. Ever been there?