You see, I have pretty hairy legs, I wanted to know if I should shave them before I apply Androsol and Nandrosol to them. Will more hair effect the absorption rate? Another question I have is, has anyone mixed both androsol and nandrosol in the same bottle? My plan is to mix one bottle of Nandrosol with one Bottle of Androsol in a flask, mix it real well, and then put them back into the bottles so I can apply both of them simoteniestly. I will still do the 70 sprays twice a day, but do that for 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off. I am also going to use the Tribex 500 and Methoxy 7 with it.

I would shave your legs or atleast trim them. Every bit that sticks to your hair will not be absorbed. I left the nandrosol and androsol in two different bottles. I used 35 sprays of nandrosol, then 45 sprays of androsol twice a day with good results.