stupid question sorry ! If your fairly harry will androsol work as well or do you have to shave all over? Also did any of you ever tried andro nasal spray, a buddy of mine at the gym uses it and says it’s uot of this world. Your oppinion PLS T.YOU!

Answer 1: Trim if necessary with clippers, but you’d have to be really hairy for it to affect effectiveness. Answer 2: Nasal sucks (or is that blows?) compared to transdermal. Androsol is better.

Nasal administration is very fast acting but also very short duration therefor may improve aggression short term for work out but not very effective for stimulating growth while transdermal is timed release very long acting duration and definately stimulates recovery and growth. IMO nasal is wothless but transdermal rocks.

I just started taking androsol and can’t stand the “sticky” feeling after it dries. Would it lessen its effectiveness if I put on something like talc powder or lotion to eliminate the sticky feeling? Its really annoying, but I guess I’ll deal if I have to.

If you put anything like talc or lotion on before androsol, Bill Roberts has said that will inhibit absorbtion. I’ve used lots of androsol and never had any sticky problem. You must be putting it on to thick in one area. Bill Roberts has said you want a “fine” misting over a larger area. Aim to get a light covering over entire body including legs rather than soaking down a smaller area where it must be building up into a thick sticky coat. Bill has said that a thicker coat won’t improve absorbtion, a lighter coat over larger area with provide better absorbtion. If you get it on to thick, you’ll just be wasting some of the androsol as if it is thick and sticky, you cann’t absorb all the thick sticky stuff. If its sticky, its to thick.

Thanks! I’m buying some this weekend and yes I will buy the right one

I meant putting it on afterward (like 5 minutes or so, after it dries).