Androsol and Low Carbs

I maintain a pretty low carb diet most of the time. I am wondering if I need to take in high carbs while on Androsol to get the gains I want. I prefer to remain pretty lean all the time so that is why I stay with low carbs, and I just want to gain lean muscle while on the androsol. I’ve read that it is important to take in 2 grams of protein per pound of weight while on Androsol, that is double what I normally maintain at 1 gram per pound of weight. Anyway is doubling my protein enough, or do I need to carb up while on Androsol?

My personal opinion is that you need a good carb intake like say 300 g/day or more to optimize your gains. The exception
is if you are also injecting insulin, then you can substitute protein for carbs successfully, as was first
I think demonstrated by Oliver Starr.

This is a great question. Bill,how does the 300 gm/day differ if you are 170 lbs vs 220 lbs?
I’m getting ready to start my first Androsol cycle too and
the question of diet was on my mind.

I’d suppose that the difference between 220 and 170 is needing proportionally more carbs, about 30%, if body
composition is the same. However the number is pretty rough anyway. Also it might be that it’s not directly proportional, but proportional to the square root of size,
in which case another 14%… I don’t think anyone has data
to give really precise answers like this as to exactly what it is. The 300 gram figure was for a 200 lb guy in reasonably lean condition. I’d adjust it down or up for
guys of significantly different size.

So if we go with the extra 30% carb intake for the guy at 220 that puts him around 400gms. i believe you mentioned somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6-800 cals over maintenancie (or say 20x bodyweight) when on the Androsol and approx 85gms protein over maintenance as well. so the 220lber is eating say 300gms protein, 400gms carbs and 175gms fat? i recall bill saying when on fat can go lower and carbs and protein higher. the fat intake here seems very high (~35%) so how high should the protein go if 400gms carbs are approx all this person would need. or should they just up the carbs to over 500 instead.

Yes, I would reduce the fat and preferably increase both
the protein and carbs.

Maybe I missed something here, but can someone explain to me WHY you wouldn’t want to be on a low carb diet when using an anabolic substance like androsol? I suppose it has something to do with insulin release, but am I not correct in assuming that protein and fats have their own insulin releasing effects as well? And on the Anabolic/Metabolic diet, you carb load during the weekends anyway, so wouldn’t this negate the need to keep the carbs this high during the weekdays?

You may be right that one could, in a brief intense
cycle, do an Anabolic Diet type of diet (carbs only
two days per week) and make the same gains as with a diet
that had carbs every day, somehow despite the fact that
insulin levels will be a lot lower most of the time…

But the thing is, if you are right we don’t know that
it’s right. We do know you can make great gains on
steroid cycles, or on Androsol, by keeping protein and
carbs up every day. So that is what is recommended.

If the idea really interests you to do an Anabolic Diet
type of thing while using Androsol, worst case, you
waste a little money and time and learn something, and
best case, you get the results you want and have learned
something cool! So if you like the idea, I’d try it
provided I was willing to risk (as one should occasionally
be willing, for the sake of knowledge) to possibly gain
considerably less than I otherwise might in the same
time period.

Bill, what would you say if you wanted to maybe settle for half or so of the gains but lose some bodyfat?? Would a low carb diet be a good idea whilst on a steroid cycle. If you were to go on one of your 2week cycles and the expecting gain was say 10-15 pounds could you cut your carbs and maybe expect to gain 5 pounds but also lose 5 pounds of fat?
What strategy would you recommend to acheive this? It would make a great article I reckon! Thanks!

Bill, I also forgot to mention that in the book, “the Anabolic Diet,” Mauro Dipasquale argues that steroids would be MORE effective when following his diet than a standard carb based diet. Is he right? I don’t know… But it’s definitely worth a shot.

I did see that in DiPasquale’s book but I think there is
no evidence that gains from anabolic steroids are better
when on his diet than when on a high protein, high carb,
low fat diet every day. His book is very “rah-rah” which
helps motivate people, and that’s about how I interpreted
that statement. Please don’t take that to mean I don’t
respect his knowledge, because I certainly do.

I agree. The book is very rah rah. It was written during the time that Bill Phillips was still king, and that’s how people got attention. But what I’m looking for is a theory, scientific evidence, or anything that backs either diet strategy when on anabolics. I haven’t heard or read any nutritional theory that supports either one, and I’m guessing you’ve got a good one in that head of yours that backs up the carb based diet. Can you fill us in on it?

It’s just the practical evidence that makes me recommend
that diet… having seen many times athletes gaining and
retaining 15 lb LBM in 2 weeks on that diet (with
substantial yet reasonable AAS use of course) it’s something
I feel comfortable recommending… the diet definitely
isn’t limiting. Being low carb 5 days out of 7? Well,
I wonder whether that can do as well and it certainly
isn’t necessarily so that it must.

Well I guess you can’t argue with real world results, but I’m definitely still curious. How’s about I try the Androsol while bulking with the Anabolic Diet and report the results on this board… sound good? But I’d like to use that new dosing schedule we’ve been hearing whispers about to reduce t suppression and possibly enable the user to stay on longer. What’s the skinny? I’ve heard 14 sprays twice a day… can this be done indefinitely? Or are you recommending a straight 8 week cycle using this dosing?