Alternative Androsol Dosing

Okay Bill, we’re ready, the time has come, you’ve teased us long enough… Give us the freakin details already! What exactly is the new dosing pattern your working on with Androsol?!

c’mon Bill… help me out here… I know there’s more to this new schedule than you’re letting on.

Very simple, just apply on arising, up to 70 sprays, and wash off by 7 PM. A little earlier would possibly be better but since not everyone can do that, that’s the time we are using for the study.

This is based on previous observations, including in the medical literature, that high androgen dosing during the day but not at night results in no significant inhibition.

After washing off thoroughly with soap and a washcloth, delivery of 4-AD through the skin would be essentially over a couple of hours after that.

What about 35 sprays twice a day for four weeks on a fat loss diet? Would this be effective without any t-suppression?

How would the gains compare with the once a day protocol compared to twice a day over an entire six week period? What about other side effects, such as gyno or hair loss? Would these be effected with the once a day use? What about those of us that work out before 7am? Wouldn’t it be preferable to have the effects of the Androsol in the system while working out? This would obviously not be the case if applying Androsol after showering post workout and washing it off in the evening.

Mark and anybody fearing gyno from Androsol:

Repeat after me, " I will not get gyno from androsol"
contiune 1000 times.

Sorry for the cynicism but i have had gyno, and
consider myself extremely receptive to it.

I have had ZERO problems with androsol at various dosages.
There will be no ball shrinkage after two weeks, or any side effect for that matter-IMo
maybe a little acne post cycle on the body-----but that is easy to take care of.

Trust me if there was a problem I would feel it.
So relax and
grow some muscles.-


35 sprays twice per day, though the same amount of 4-AD as 70 sprays once in the morning, can be expected to be much more inhibitory.

It’s possible that being “on” twice as many weeks, while being “on” only half of each day, might give the same gains but we’ll have to wait and see on that.

Significant levels of 4-AD get into the system pretty fast from Androsol: certainly by one hour, the earliest time we measured. Other work indicates that a substantial amount can be expected to get through the skin within minutes: there is a “shunt pathway,” via hair follicles, that gives you some flux almost immediately, though the major peak doesn’t occur until nearly an hour by which time the 4-AD is going through the skin as a whole.


4-AD has never been implicated in causing gyno and does not raise estrogen levels.