Androsol dosage w/ MD6 ???

Here is a stack:
MD6 - 2 @ 8, 1 @ noon, 1 @ 4
T2 - 1 @ breakfast, 1 @ post-workout shake
Androsol - ??
I’m using Androsol instead of Methoxy, mainly because I can’t affort the three bottles of Methoxy needed and I have extra Androsol. My question is, I’ll be doing this for four weeks
how much Androsol should I use? I’m thinking 70 sprays in the AM, but maybe I should go with 20 sprays twice a day. Anyone have any ideas on that?
Next question:
I WILL lose 10# in four weeks and keep all my muscle. Then I will add 10 # in 8 weeks and keep lean. Would I be better off to cycle 70 sprays twice a day in the following 8 weeks with every fourth week off, or should I stay on the first dosage schedule for the whole 12 weeks?

It pisses me off when people do this, but I need to get an answer here, so I need to keep this thread active. I could really use a professionaly opinion regarding the use of 70 sprays of Androsol in AM only, vs. 20 - 35 sprays twice daily. Again, the purpose is to maintain muscle mass during a dieting phase, in replace of Methoxy.
Currently trying 70 in AM only.

I’ve used Androsol as directed and I’m doing a morning only protocal right now and it’s been about 3 weeks I plan on going for 8. I actually prefer the morning only spray because I dont have to worry about suppression and It’s a nice boost every morning. Also I’m not gaining weight as fast as the twice a day which may turn out to be better if I can keep the weight gains more easily. Just my 2c