Androsol dosing

I personally like the idea of staying on Androsol for a longer period of time, using the 70 sprays once in the morning and washed off before 7:00p.m., alternative dosing method, that was referenced by Tim and Bill. Does anyone have any feedback on this type of dosing cycle. For instance, how long could I continue usage, at this dosage, without negative impacts on the endocrine. All theories are appreciated.

We don’t have the lab results back yet.

I"m very hopeful it will work, because I’ve seen the same general principle work using oral anabolic steroids with many athletes I’ve worked with, and medically the same principle has worked with use of up to 100 mg of Dianabol per day with no significiant inhibition.

However, you don’t know for sure till it’s been well tried, and since I was terminally slow on the uptake in coming up with the idea of washing off at 7 PM, it hasn’t been “well-tried” yet.