*ALL READ* - Message From Brock Strasser

Lately, some of you may have noticed that I have been in a
“bad mood” and that I am not responding to e-mail questions
sent to me. I want to take a minute to explain why this is

A few weeks ago, a guy e-mailed me wanting help in
extracting the trenbolone acetate out of the Finaplix
Pellets. This person wrote that he was 30 years old,
was 6’0, 235 pounds, etc.

During our e-mail discourse, I gave this person painfully
detailed instructions on how to do this to get the highest
yield of trenbolone from the pellets with maximal safety
(as always) in mind.

About a week after, I received a distraught e-mail from
the “mother” of this person (who was really a 16 year old
sophmore in high school who lied to me). This kid ended
up not knowing what a “double boiler” was (despite telling
me he did) and he burned up quite a bit of his family
kitchen with an alcohol-fueled fire.

Needless to say, “mom” was not happy with me.

Luckily, nobody was injured in this fire, however, the
mother of this kid has threatened to sue me and to bring
the local law enforcement into this.

Therefore, to protect myself and my wife from future,
possible litigation, I regret to tell you that I am NOT
answering ANY e-mail questions personally anymore.
I will answer questions posted in this forum and I will
answer questions sent to me in my column (some of them).

You see, I have no way of verifying that someone is really
an adult over the internet.

I can’t give people the personal attention I have been
known for and the good readership has come to expect anymore.

Additionally, Bill Roberts had a similar situation happen
to him about 8 months ago and he too, is not going to
answer many questions, if any, outside this forum or in his
published writings here at TMAG.

It only takes one asshole to fuck it up for everyone and
that’s exactly what happened. I think TC is going to make
an announcement through the magazine about this soon.

I am profoundly sorry it has to be this way - this is NOT
the way I wanted it to be as I like helping people out,
helping them maximize their potential while maintaining the
highest degree of safety possible.

Thank you all in advance for understanding my decision
(and Bill’s I think).

My apologies to all my loyal fans and readers,

–Brock Strasser

It all makes perfect sense now. But the responsible party is not you; it is the kid and his mother. Information is not illegal and you did not force him to do the procedure. It was his choice and his alone. And where was the mother when this was happening? It is her irresponsibility that started this whole mess in the first place. What right does she have to sue you? Anyway, I totally sympathize for you and hope this woman is put behind bars for allowing her son to do such an idiot thing. I would bitch slap her and kick her son’s ass for both hindering our progress as intelligent adults and attempting to bring about such a moronic lawsuit. Brock, don’t let this get you down. I completely understand your situation now and your and Bill’s reluctance to answer some of the posted questions. I hope only the best for you.

I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry about the situation that you are in. All of us loyal T-mag readers have been so very fortunate to have such a wealth of incredibly helpful and informative people, such as yourself, available to help us. I cannot thank you enough.
I really hope that every thing works out!! It is really too bad to get hurt like this when by all indications you seemed to be doing the right thing, I’m behind you all the way! GOOD LUCK!

Brock, nice touch. But, you don’t owe us anything. WE OWE YOU. You answer so many questions for free, even though you have a business to run. I was getting sick of seeing so many guys post your name or Bill’s name as a forward to their questions. If they want your advice, they can pay for it. If you decide to give it readily and of your own free will, fine. But, alot of guys are abusing your generosity.

Thanks Brock, for all you’ve done for us.

I’d remind “mom” that if she tries to pursue any legal actions she’ll be setting herself up for a parental negligence charge!


IMU, alleged admissions notwithstanding, that the "kid" wrote the letter is hearsay, could have been the parents or anyone with access to that specific MAC address, machine ?

That the kid burned the kitchen is hearsay, could have been anyone in the house.. insurance settlement maybe..

I'm not sure local Law enforcement has venue.. I think its a Federal Issue ?

The internet is full of information, it is the parents responsibility to control the access to the information, and the actions that result from that information, this is a settled issue in case law me thinks ?

All that being said there is nothing to stop some weasel necrophiliac prosecutor to make a political issue over this for the Czar (since when does America allow a Czars nobility.. what's next... Caesar ?)

Brock you don’t owe us an apology, the 16 year old kid does! Because of his stupidity, we the loyal T-Mag readers may not get that extra bit of attention we may require. It is not your fault nor should you feel responisble for his actions. Best of luck and keep up the great work you are doing.

Just saw Brock’s message… yes, the same kind of thing happened to me – a parent complained to the Dean of my university about e-mail advice I had given to her son
who had represented himself as being over 18. I was
advised very strongly that in his opinion (and I believe
he was correct) by offering my advice I was potentially
opening myself up to six-figure lawsuits in cases where
the person being advised did differently than I said,
had a medical problem, then claimed to have done only
as I said. I was also required to desist using that e-mail
account for any future such advice.

So I ended the Mesomorphosis e-mail consultations I was
doing at the time.

A few months later, T-mag started forwarding e-mails to
me and somehow I forgot… this was somehow different
in my mind than being direct… but the actuality is,
it’s the same thing.

I will try to get back to everyone who has e-mailed
me using a different account than my personal one so
as not to violate what I agreed to… after Brock’s
problem I asked for e-mails no longer to be forwarded
to me (I regret this) but be only for the Q&A column.
I’ll still continue to help all I can on the forum but
want you to know, I won’t be able to answer personal

I wish this country were stronger on personal freedom
and responsibility, but these days, if a burglar hurts
himself in your house while robbing you, he’ll probably
win his lawsuit… how much more so if you gave advice
on anabolic steroids and (doing differently than advised
but not admitting it) the person suffers a medical problem.

It’s really too bad something like that had to happen. Unfortunately, in today’s “it’s somebody else’s fault” world, people rarely take responsibility for their own actions. A messege to the angry mom: Maybe you should be more concerned with your son’s lack of honesty.

Stupid Kid! Some idiot always abuses something and we all pay for it. Tell me, where can you get world class advice, for free?! Bill and Brock are very high caliber experts and for them to take time out and answer our endless stream of questions for FREE is very generous. These guys don’t get paid to answer our questions. Go to any other message boards. The guys there are for the most part idiots! They give dangerous ill informed ‘advice’. They are usually guys who have done a few cycles and think they are brilliant chemists! Mr. Roberts and Brock are people with real credentials and also have practical knowledge. A rare combination.

 I fear something like this is going to happen  with the new prohormone products.  Some fool will triple the dosage, stay on for 8 months, and then bitch about having no balls and hair.  If a person asks for advice, then gets it for FREE, and then decides to follow it of their own free will,  they should not complain.     

Brock -

Sorry to hear about the B.S. you went through. I enjoy your writing, insights, and information. I look forward reading more of your work.

wishing you the best,