It amazes me how many questions get posted on this forum but fail to get any responses! It is either one of two things: laziness or selfishness. This may sound idealistic but aren’t these two attributes that we, as T-Men strive to avoid? This is the very essence of this board, to share and impart knowledge so that all of us can learn and achieve our goals. I am not picking on anyone in particular, but I have noticed that several posts have received answers that say something to the effect of “I will let you in on a little secret…” only it takes quite a few responses and multiple prodding to get said individual to FINALLY post this knowledge. Take the things that you believe to be the most valuable pieces of information in your training and life in general and now for a moment imagine that the people that you learned these things from simply failed to let you in on it because they were either too lazy or “keeping it to themelves”. This holiday season let us all make a conscious effort to help our fellow T-Man out and ditch the Scrooge-like behavior. To me, I am only successful if I have left this world a better place than it was once I arrived.


Let us make this our goal for the new year. Now, I am not saying that I am “holier than thou” because I am as guilty of this as the next person. However, starting today I will make a conscious effort to improve upon this.

In addition, this is not a free invitation to just post at will, as each post should be well-researched so that we can avoid arguing, etc. When relevant try to give references of where you may have read or heard something as it will help lend validity to what you are posting.

I hope that this will catch on and that together we can take this board to new heights! I thank everyone who has taken the time to read this post and I wish everyone a safe holiday season.


racer, that has to be the best post that has ever appeared on this board. couldnt agree with you more!!!

Well, I see no one answered your post, well just thought I would leave one so you would not feel bad. I do agree though with your post and have put some up myself and no one answered, so I know what it feels like when you get all exited to see if there is any info on the question you put and there is nothing there. Yeah it pisses me off, because I know there are people out there with the answers. So people don’t be so fucking lazy and SHARE the knowledge!

        Merry Christmas,

I think of this forum as a marketplace of ideas. Just like a regular marketplace, the product for sale must be attractive to the buyer. So, if the post is not interesting enough, people will not reply to it.

Also, if everyone is busy, then the price of replying to a certain post is too high, and people will reply to only those posts they can reply to in a short period of time.

Other times, a non-response is a silent way to rebuke someone. You know, your mamma always said, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."

An example of this occurred when one of the guys asked Bill Roberts advice for his bodybuilding wife. Bill replied, saying that he does not support the use of steroids for women, because he doesn’t think it is safe. The guys then rambled on about how his wife hasn’t taken steroids nor does she plan to…and on and on. Then Bill replies with an apology for misunderstanding his intentions. Then the guy posts a long reply asking about Primo, Winny, Anavar. If those aren’t steroids, I don’t know what is.

I thought Bill was going to rip him a new asshole, but instead, he did the gentlemanly thing and said nothing.

I do have to say that I was not too hot on the fact that this board is moderated, but on second thought, that was great foresight on the part of the T-mag staff. This board could be totally out of control people were allow to post anything. I wonder about the posts that were not allowed...

Yeah. I’d rather get a reply like ‘you’re an idiot’ than no reply at all.

Lipo, you’re an idiot! :] JUST KIDDING LIPO!!racer and Hyok, you both make good points. I think that you are both right but I really appreciate what racer is saying and think that it is worth the little extra effort to reply and be courteous. I found one thing to be helpful. Try putting your own name into the search engine and seeing how you come across. I found that in my responses I gravitated more towards a smartass than I had realized, so at least now I realize it!

While I appreciate what you are trying to do
and realize your intent is noble, you aren’t
very well grounded. And I truly resent the
insinuation that I (or anyone) is lazy or
selfish. That’s not fair. Here’s why:

I don't make a thin dime from answering any questions in this forum. I don't make anything answering e-mails either (and in all honesty it is a very rare e-mail that I answer these days, I had 84 e-mail sitting in the queue when I logged on, I am lucky just to be able to read them all).

Since I have a life outside of this forum and in fact, outside of bodybuilding, I can't spend all my time here answering questions. I have a job, a relatively new bride, I like to go to the gym too you know, I attend my synagogue several times per week as well as giving at least two days per month to some charitable effort. To pat myself on the back here, my wife and I fed 175 homeless people on X-Mas eve at a homeless shelter. If I am forced to choose between answering questions here and reading stories to sick kids in the pediatric HIV ward or feeding homeless people or chaperoning an inner city youth effort...sorry guys, as much as I love you all and love talking "shop", you lose every time.

Because of this and the fact that I am not one dimensional, I am going to answer questions I find interesting or that I decide to answer for my own reasons, personal or otherwise.

I am making a leap of faith here but I assume that other people are as busy or nearly as busy as I am. I don't even read every post in this forum, just one's that catch my eye.

You're asking way too much, Racer. I suggest you rereflect on your request for a little while after reading my response here and the response of others.

Post like your's irk me and I know they irk Bill also. Because it makes me feel like I am totally unappreciated and that any advise I extend is not valid unless I extend advice to everyone whenever it is requested. And from the sounds of the few others who responded, I suspect more people than not think your idea is totally unrealistic even if your intentions are truly admirable.



Whoa Brock, I don’t think Racer was at all directing his comment specifically at you. I don’t think anybody who reads this board would deny what an amazing sport you’ve been in answering all our questions. I personally find it incredible all the time that you must put in to typing out answers, and frankly, I wouldn’t at all expect you to do it if you don’t have the time. I appreciate your effort a great deal!

Brock hit it right on. Good intentions racer, but way too idealistic. I love helping people with any question I can if I have the time. However, a lot of people ASKING questions are the lazy ones. Can you say search engine? I understand some of these people may be newbies but they want everything layed out on a silver platter.Do SOME research on your own. I have a hard time helping someone that wants to be spoon fed information. The info provided in this forum is taken for granted by some. You wouldn’t get a fraction of the info that is at your fingertips in this free site and forum from the average personal trainer you PAY FOR! How’s $70 an hour sound? Brock, Bill, and the gang, my hat off to you all for having more patience than I’d ever have with some of these bozos that e-mail you.

Brock: You might want to take another serving of your “Euphoria” product to chill out…just kidding!!! I can understand how you might have taken this post the way that you did, but if I was targeting you or Bill I would have mentioned you in specific. Rather than go any further, I will email you and clear up this little misunderstanding. Idealistic? You betcha!!! However, how many of you have read my post and decided to be a bit more forthcoming on posting responses? I thought so!

Racer-I may not agree with your post totally. However, Brock, I think you are overanalyzing the issue. This board does not revolve around you–although many need to learn that. You have other obligations, as do many, but you always find time to talk about the naming of your finasol kit, or hyping your product, euphoria. So, while your help is appreciated, lighten up. And don’t brag about the good work you do for others. That’s tacky. Cheers.

I for one TOTALLY AGREE WITH RACER!!!–we’re here to learn and help others do the same. T-MEN need to help out -just think back when you were a NEWBIe-someone took the time to help you out and get you going in the right direction. Brock & bill we really appriciate your knowledge and look foward to hearing cutting edge “stuff”- but,you have your priorites just like every one else.I certainly do’nt expect y"all to answer everything & as a metter of fact think you guys are doing great! But T-MEN with knowledge need to step forward-ARE YOU REALLY T-MEN?? I"m a professional and as such I’ve got to repeat myself on a daily basis-its very important to me to get my message out-sounds snobby to say "I already mentioned that 2 months ago and will not repeat myself!! Yes, I’ve been in the search engine – 2-6 hours looking for 1 piece of info. Just to let you guys know, I’ll answer any questions I feel qualified to answer over & over again- I love teaching and helping people- Time to stand up and be a real T-MAN

Hey racer- I believe your comments were directed at me. I really don’t appreciate being bastardized by you for not letting other guys in on my secrets of womanizing. Everyone is always badgering me, “Hey Booga… how are you such a pimp? How do you score with all the chicks?” I tell them a few of my secrets and that just never seems to be enough. I have to say the same things over and over…and, quite frankly, I’ve got better things to do. Like a few weeks ago, I was screwing Mandy Blank for hours at a time. Well, there was also about a million posts asking me to reveal my secrets. If I am forced to choose between seeing just how flexible Mandy is and answering your questions… sorry guys, you lose everytime. I am the greatest pimp mankind has ever known, and I have breathed life into you all… you should be grateful for all of the advice I have given you.

Amen, JD.


When I read this, I almost went into a philosophical discourse on man’s duties. I’ll be brief by saying that no one has a DUTY to anyone on this list. If my dad needs training help, then I’ll drop everything for him. The same goes for other members of my family and close friends. When I’m done helping all those other people, then maybe I’ll reply here.

I wonder what makes a person think that someone owes him something, e.g. an answer to a question. Moreover, let's be realistic: some of the questions people post are lame, lame, and lame. Finally, I think people need to remember the good old days of bodybuilding. You used to send a LETTER to a staff writer at a magazine. Then if you were VERY lucky, he or she MIGHT reply to it. Don't let the internet spoil you. There is POTENTIAL for instant information exchange, but as always, the time a person wishes to devote is limited.

There is my $.02

T-Man— someone willing to go out of the way to lend a helping hand–Mike seems you forget your NEWBIE years-- could have made twice the progress in half the time if someone would have helped.

#2-- Equally willing to smash some fucking pimps teeth down their throat