Advanced Protein

I just received my first bottles of Advanced
Protein and I’m stunned. No protein powder
I’ve ever used, including Designer, Met-Rx
Protein Plus, or the best grade of pure
CFM whey, has ever tasted good by itself.
Mixed with an MRP like Grow or Met-Rx, they
hurt the taste a bit but not that badly.
Protein powder just has not been a good
tasting item.

Advanced Protein tastes virtually identical
to Grow. I can’t believe it. It actually
can be used either as protein, or as
a meal-replacement product (it has reasonable amounts of vitamins and minerals)… this stuff tastes good.

I just tried my first batch, too. Some will call us shills and whores for saying this, but fuck’em: This is some damned good low carb protein! I dare anyone to do a taste test with Advanced vs. Designer. Low carb dieting just got a whole lot easier. Those Biotest guys could probably make cat shit taste like Blue Bell ice cream. I’d like to hear some reader feedback, too.

Does it thicken as much as the Grow! MRP, or is it thinner?

Why do you always take Designer as reference; I think it tastes like shit… I wonder how they got this taste award. Methoxy-Pro and Precision taste much better.

Not sure how Designer won that taste test award. Haven’t tried the EAS stuff, heard the quality was “iffy”, at least at one time.

I picked up some at the Arnold and these guys are right. The taste is fantastic! Maclar- It tastes a lot like Grow! --I bought vanilla, but there’s chocolate too-- and yes, it’s much thinner. 20 grams of protein per scoop. 32 scoops per bottle. Good stuff.

I got my adv. protein yesterday, and i must say it was good also, i mixed mine with milk and it does seem to thicken up over 5 minutes after mixing. do you guys use water instead? i like to use milk mostly because i always found that the taste was much better. i use precision protein from eas now, but looks like its gonna be the adv. protein from now on.

I’d like to use Advanced protein, but I think it’s cost prohibitive. Right now, I’m trying to cut down on the cost of all the supplements I “need.” I use met-rx protein, grow, and I just bought a 5 lb prolab whey. I know all about the quality issue with these big jugs, but I thought I should try it out.

What is Blue Bell ice cream? Anyway, I have been using Methoxy-Pro with regular consistency and enjoy the taste as ease of mixing. Other MRPs that have been berry berry good to me do include Grow!, most others I get tired of drinking after a week or so. I am interested in tasting/using the advanced protein. How about coming out with some low carb protein cereals or snack foods besides bars?

I’m ordering my advanced protein right now. I love the taste of grow! Designer was awesome when it came out, then they changed the flavoring, and now it sucks. Also, precision protein chocolate was awesome, as well as AST’s VP2. They’re quite expensive though.

I have to agree that Adv. protein is far and away the best tasting protein powder I have ever tried. I ordered 3 bottles but I have a feeling I’m going to be ordering more very soon. I believe the fat fast guys are gonna love this stuff. Its fantastic.