Best Protein Shake?

I wanted to ask all you guys what you thought was the best protein powder/MRP shake out there. What the best tasting, most potent is. Thanks in Advance

I like nutramet by champion. It tastes rather good and for the price I can’t complain. I think I pay 16.00 for a container of packets.I haven’t tried grow yet I can’t afford it as of yet.

To be honest with you. I like the Advance Protein by Biotest. The vanilla flavor is the best to me. Coming in second would be EAS precision protein chocolate.

I like Pro Blend 55 by HDT. I like Advanced Protien, just can’t afford it up here in Canada. As for MRP I love Chocolate Grow!.

Depending on my goals, my choices are:
Dieting-Muscle Meals by Muscle-Linc. 40g protein(whey, casein, egg), 10g carbs, 11g “good” fats, 10g glutamine peptides, added magnesium
Weight Gain-NLarge2 by Prolab. 89g carbs, 52g whey protein perserving. Great for “Massive Eating”

The only protein I drink is Advanced Protein. I love it and drink it like water. I buy like 6 bottles at a time.

Grow! has definitely been the best tasting and most well-balanced MRP I’ve used. I don’t use anything else unless I’m forced to. In that case, Myoplex would be my second choice.

I really like Grow!. Someone mentioned that strawberry Myoplex was very good, so I tried it. There was no comparison. Grow! is much better.

I’ve used quite a few of the generic/cheap stuff, and the best I’ve used for taste and ease of mixing is Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Whey protein. No Nutrasweet, no sugar, all whey.

I like MetRx chocolate peanutbutter (for a protein blend) or Isopure (for straight Ion Exchange Whey).

What do you mean by “most potent”? It’s just food, after all. I say that because some supplement companies try to make their MRPs and protein powders seem magical. They’re just convenient food sources, no matter what the ads say. Also, some play the numbers game. That means they like to claim “Ours has 60 grams of protein. Others have only 40!” No shit. You put more powder in the packet and jacked up the price! (And/or used inferior protein sources.)

I usually don’t reply to questions like this because I’d seem like a shill. But truthfully, Advanced Protein is amazing. The taste is incredible and it makes any diet easy to follow. Massive Eating, low carb diets, whatever, AP makes it simple. I think I like it more than Grow! for that very reason.

Nutriplex by Sportpharma is fantastic.Mixes well,tastes decent and is only 26.50 for a box of 20 at dps nutrition.

Advanced Protein and Grow can’t be beat! They’re not the cheapest, but they do taste better than anything else on the market. I used to use mostly Grow!, but since Advanced Protein came out I use it probably 80% of the time.

I have tried Grow, however for mixability and taste, my favorite is still an old old reliable…Champions Metabol Chocolate Flavor. I don’t really care about all the added hype they put on the can…I just LOVE the taste, and find that nothing mixes easier for me…I keep a can in my trunk for when I am traveling on business…any time I stop for gas…get a quart of milk, pour in 2 scoops, shake…and GO!

Labrada’s chocolate peanut butter tastes pretty damn good to me. I like Dorian Yates Pro MR also. Even though it tastes pretty bland, I think it’s a pretty good source of protein.

Grow! Having tried all the protein powders/MRPs possible (worked in the supplement biz for quite a while), and I haven’t found a better tasting MRP than Grow! Real soon plan on ordering Advanced Protein, though. And, yes, Chris, you sound like a “shill”, but, that’s okay. Heart’s in the right place, eh? HA! :wink:

Metrx is always the best. Its very simple. All the guys at my gym and I keep trying all the other products out there but as soon as we go back on Metrx there is an amazing change in our recovery, strength and growth. Everyone has come out with there version and thats all it is a knock off. I can’t explain it unless you try it for yourself. Some of the others are good and its not like I shrivel away into nothing its just that myself along with most of my friends just don’t get the same results from any other protein source. Don’t get me wrong its not the best tasting but it isn’t that bad either. Besides no matter what brand I use I don’t sip it and cherish the experience I just slam it down and chase it with a glass of water and its back to work.

Big dawg , do you really like the tase of that hdt problend?I bought a few cases of it and have a hard time sucking it down. What flavor? mine was like , french vanilla or something like that. I still have it and I guess I am going to have to flavor it up.

Gen Growth Factor X- i hear chocolates good, but i can get a 20 pk of vanilla for $20 so i figuret theres no better deal.

met-rx used to recover better and look fuller… i think they changed the formula though 2nd is myoplex dlx straberry