ab wheel

Anybody know how to progress with the ab wheel? I’ve started using it, rolling forward from my knees. It seems too big a jump to go from my knees to just on my toes.Is there an intermediate step in the progression?

It might help to try it on a slight downhill slope.

Do negatives, then do partials & increase the range of motion.

How about isometric holds at the bottom from just your feet. Or possibly only using your feet and rolling up an incline. The stronger you get the less incline you use. Know what I mean? A Reebok step could be used but you may bust your ass if your not careful. Also, the on ramp to your local interstate would be a good place to start.

Start on your toes and lower down. Then put your knees down to come back up.

Use a wall to stop your progress at a predetermined end-range (fully horizontal is the ideal). Begin from a standing position, roll forward until you hit the wall and then pull hard with your abs and hip flexors to return to a standing position. Try to use your arms as little as possible. Progress to doing them without the wall. Hope this helps.

I’ve tried rolling out on just one knee, alternating between sets. This seems to stress the serratus/obligues on either side, and is slightly more difficult but not as difficult as starting from the toes.

Thanks for the advice, guys. I’ve got plenty to experiment with now.

By the way, CWB. I’ll let you try the on ramp to your local interstate. No need to get back with a report, though…