Are there any plans to sell A1E separately for those of us who want increased strength without the additional mass gains?

It’s something we’re considering, but…

One major objection is that since A1-E accounts for almost all of the raw material cost of MAG-10, an “A1-E only” product giving the
same amount of it as MAG-10 does
would still have to sell for almost the same. Yet it would give considerably
less results and no particular advantages

Except, as you suggested, for those wishing
to remain within a given weight class while
increasing strength. That’s a good point.

Is it possible we will see the 4-AD component of Mag-10 as a seperate product and a phase out of androsol or would it not be cost effective?

An oral 4-AD-EC product is very feasible
and is a potential future product. It would
be more efficient than Androsol (much less
milligrams per day required to give same
blood levels.)

But an added benefit that androsol has is the potential use in a morning only protocol. That way you can get an anabolic effect w/o any or little reduction in one’s own T levels. So if an oral 4AD comes out I hope it doesn’t replace androsol.