A Body like the Pro Wrestlers

Ultimate warrior, Sting, The Road warriors et al . .they all had that look of functional strength. Big traps, erectors, forearms . .and a helluva physique to boot. Was wondering if anyone out there has the routines of the prowrestlers or input as to how they would train to achieve that look. Thanks for the input

100cc of Deca, 50mg Winstrol,…

Don’t forget to include their cycles of juice.

bodybuild, eat, and take some good anabolics. the formula is real simple. If you analyze their legs though a lot fall short of their upper body, which is pretty indicative of the weight training population. laters pk

As a huge wrestling fan, I was surprised you mentioned the above wrestlers as having a “functional” physique. They seem more like body builders to me. Then again, Stings looks to have some good athleticism to him. I would say the ideal for functional, explosive, and flexible strength and power is Rob Van Damm. He posts his workouts on his web site. He’s the man.

a looke of functional strenght= misnomer at best, oxymoron at worst.

How bout Goldberg? I dont think anyone exemplified athleticism like he did!

Goldberg is a bad mo fo!!!

I would take a look at some articles by John Davies if you are looking at improving your athleticism. If you are just looking to build up your physique I suggest you follow Ian King’s recomendations as far as powerlifting and bodybuilding are concerned. I also find GVT helpful.

RVD the best physique in wrestling, you’re kidding my little sister has bigger bi’s than him. The best physique in wrestling is triple H’s. Followed by the Rock. Goldberg athletic? All he can do is a spear and a jackhammer. And his entertainment value is 0.0 Why else do you think WCW no longer exists. Rhyno has a better spear (the gore) than he does. If you really wanna see someone who has a great functional strength and athletic built look at Kurt Angle. He throws his opponents through the ring like they’re rag dolls. And his matches actually last longer than 1 minute, unlike Goldberg. Kane, the Undertaker and the Big Show are all exemples of wrestlers who are bigger and stronger than Goldberg. You guys know your stuff about training and nutrition but wrestling? Next thing you’re gonna tell me Booker T has functional strength!!!

I don’t remember saying RVD “looked” the best… but damn, you cannot downplay for one second his power, speed, and explosiveness. I mean, damn, the guy holds a world record for a life he invented and the Olympic committee is seriously considering adding it as an event. Goldberg has athleticism… I’ve seen him do back flips and some pretty decent stuff for a not-so-talented sports entertainer. You bring up a good point with Rhyno… he is scary strong. And Kurt Angle is the man. And you’re right too, HHH has one hell of a physique and is probably the best the game has to offer.

Ok you´re right about RVD when it comes to speed and explosiveness, my mistake. For as far as triple H being the best the game has to offer, triple H IS the game.

Oh shit! I know my wrestling. The Big Show? Hes a fat ass. If i weighed 900lbs i would be that damn strong too. Goldberg picked his ass up and slammed the fuck out of him. I know cause i was there. I was there when Goldberg beat Hogan too. When Goldberg was the man in WCW, they were at the top of the ratings. Way above WWF. Then when Goldberg was taken out of the spotlight, they started going down. When a 290lb bastard does a back handspring you cant call him unathletic. Find somewhere to download “60 Seconds with Goldberg”. This will change your mind. Hes the most athletic mofo ever in wrestling.

I disagree, Goldberg is boring. Apart from his, in my opinion limited, physical arsenal he has no charisma or personality what so ever. I mean these WWF guys like the Rock talk for like hours in the ring. People like that. Goldberg is just a guy who comes out kicks someone’s ass and leaves, and it gets boring. People want more than that. As for Goldberg beating Hogan, I’ve seen that, once again SHORT, match. Hogan is clearly WAY over the hill and any half decent wrestler could have done the things Goldberg did to him. The match was boring as hell. Hogan wasn’t capable of doing anything that caught my attention. WCW was a 1980’s style organisation with old WWF stars not being able to get wrestling to the next level after Ted Turner bought them. Anything good that came out of WCW (Jericho and the Big Show)went to the WWF. WWF was clearly capable of bringing wrestling to the next level. As for Goldberg beating the Big Show. You do know that the matches are fixed don’t you? I’ll be the first to admit Goldberg is strong, almost as strong as he is boring.

Uh oh, this is slowly turning into an “off-topic” thread, but let’s keep it going anyway. Francois brought up a good point about Hogan … he’s old. But let’s be honest. The reason his matches suck is because he’s not a technician. As the “face” his matches consisted of him getting his ass kicked by a big monster and then “hulking up” with a few punches and then a leg drop. Probably the worst thing I saw was his match in WCW against Roddy Piper. Looked like two old men bitch slapping each other. It was terrible, especially since I have so much respect for those guys and what they have meant for the business.

You gotta be shittin me. Wrestling is fixed? Since when is it not real. I agree that some other wrestlers are more talkative than Goldberg. But when he was at his peak, WCW killed WWF and all their talkers in the ratings.

Do you think Goldberg being a former NFL player has ne thing to do with his athleticism?

When Goldberg was at his peak WCW ratings smashed WWF because Turner bought away all the famous wrestlers of WWF. When WWF started beating WCW in the ratings war this was because of more trash talk, thougher more entertaining matches, and some good T&A, not because Goldberg became less active. I mean lets be honest who wouldn´t rather watch a Trish Stratus v.s. Stephanie spanking match than a Goldberg v.s. Roddy Piper, or geriatric Machoman match. Bottom line the WWF formula for sports entertainment is superior to that of the former WCW. And in my opinion Goldberg doesn´t fit in that formula as one of the great stars of wrestling, unless maybe if he becomes more talkative.

Lets agree to disagree. Goldberg is the man. Im not changing my mind and neither are you. i agree with almost everything you said. but all the former WWF stars had already been there a while when the rating were the highest.