8 week Mag 10 training/nutrition program

I would love to do the Growth Surge Project, but, I think I’d rather (at least this time) do an 8 week balls-to-the-wall program. Is there anything, training or nutrition-wise that would be different from a traditional steroid program? i.e. lotsa protein and carbs, lotsa weights?

Same situation exactly.

Bill I can’t believe YOU want to do an 8 week program. That’s awesome! As far as training is concerned, what are you planning? Hope everything goes well.

Bill is merely answering the question.

I was kind of leaning towards an 8 week program as well, at least for my first Mag-10 cycle. Maybe it’s better to wait for M to come out to do that though. How about it guys, what training/nutrition/periodization/ etc. should be in effect during an 8 week cycle of Mag-10?

The MAG-10 FAQ answers most of those quetsions goose, but not in great detail.