4-Diol and Nor-Diol In 18 yr old

How bad would it be to use 4-Androstenediol (androsol) or
Nor-Androstenediol (Nandrosol) at the age of 18?

I’ve worked out for 2 years, read t-mag for 1, and tried almost every supplement. I was gonna consider using one of the above products but want to know just how bad they would be for me, (or if they would work at all).

Yes i eat tons of food, keep my diet relatively clean, train better than 80% of people my age, but am stuck at 170, and am looking for a little kick over the sticking point on my scale.

I doubt there is any significant health
issue at all if used as directed, but
on the other hand, at age 18 if you
are not making gains, the answer is to
find how to improve your training. That’s
how you learn to train: arriving at plateaus, and then finding out, trial and error, how to surpass them. If instead you grab for steroids, then you shortcircuit that learning process – who needs to learn how to train, just grab a bottle of juice, or (less effective but still very substantially so) a bottle of Androsol.

For this reason it’s better for someone to
go through these experiences of reaching
plateaus in the first few years of training,
gain experience, and only after that seek
chemical “assistance.”

There are a lot of guys who did not follow
this advice who, as a result, after 20 years
of training still don’t know how to train.
They never got the feedback on how their
training worked… instead, accepted that
they made no progress without juice, and
relied on juice to make progress.