What age is it ok to take Nandrosol?

I’m 18, 140, 5’ 7" and I wanted to know if it was ok for me to try Nandrosol, being advertized the safest method. What age is ok? what factors go into deciding? I also wanted to know if there was a version of the GET BIG DIET for students (going into college) because its sometimes difficult to take it while in school. Thanks in advance

it kind of depends what age it is all right to take nandrosol, or any other kind of hormonal suppliment. the main concern for someone your age is that the growth plates could be shut down and you might not reach your maximum height potential. although this may not be an issue for an 18 year old, as you could already be there at 5’7", i have known guys that will grow a few inches even in their early 20s. the 21 year old disclaimer that biotest puts on androsol, nandrosol, etc may be about right (i think it is 21 anyway). on the other hand, and i will use myself as an example, i have not grown heightwise since 14 years of age and i have been 6’2 ever since. i started taking androstendione (yes we all know it is shit now) three years ago when i was 18. i do not feel it hindered me any. i realize stopping growth prematurely may not be the only issue when dealing with hormonal products, but it might be the one to look out for. in the end it is at your own discretion, however… hope this helps. --rush7

Being only 140 at 5’7" I would say to wait. You still have potential to grow a lot more naturaly. I’m 5’6" and I got to 175 before I used any type of prohormone. I think once you get up to 180 or so natural then you can think about using it.

At the very least don’t start until you are 21 years old. Even then you shouldn’t start thinking about taking it until you have gained more muscle mass and when everything else is in place in terms of nutrition and training. Also, as far as being in college goes, there is no time when it is easier to eat and train like a bodybuilder. Having to stay at work 8 hours a day 5 days a week while eating and training like a bodybuilder takes much more preparation than bodybuilding in college.

I have to agree with the other posts. When I was 18 I went 125lbs at 5’8, I’m sure had N/Androsol been around I would of bathed in the stuff. Now 4 years and 50 pounds later I can see that I learned a lot about training and diet in my lil’ guy years so now when I use supplements I get the most out of them because my training and diet are in order. So when your 21 you can use androgens then you’ll get more bang for your buck. I have a feeling that Hydroxy-7 is gonna kick ass, try that when it comes out. As for diet I’ve put on mass with Pound O’Week Diet. Dieting is difficult, be it for cutting fat or building mass, you have to make your diet important the more important the results are to you the easier it’ll be to stick with your diet. Hope this helps, good luck, mack