2 Weeks On

Hey, Bill Roberts, how about posting 2 or 3 examples of 2 week cycles using different AS. Testosterone readers would be much appreciated. By the way love the Androsol.

Well, I’d rather just give a general formula. Dose of AAS per week should be 500 mg minimum, 1 gram reasonable maximum for most people (going slightly over won’t be a disaster either by any means.) I think you can count max dose Androsol as being 500 mg (it’s sufficient to give good results by itself though not maximum results), certainly 350 anyway, and other steroids just count by actual milligrams, except trenbolone by injection, which is so potent that you can multiply the milligrams by three to get “effective milligrams.”

Results are certainly best if you combine “Class I” steroids which bind the androgen receptor well (particularly Primo, trenbolone, and Deca, though Deca has too long a half life) with “Class II” steroids, which are effective via non-androgen receptor means (particularly Dianabol, Anadrol, Winstrol, and Androsol or I suppose 4-AD injectable.) However you can get by without the stacking… it just improves results a lot.

Injectables include any acetate or propionate, used up to day 10. Load up with a triple or quadruple dose on day 1 to get levels up immediately. You can see some other recent posts where I discussed Primo use. Sustanon can be used 750 mg on day 1, and also in recent posts, we discussed that moderate dose Deca, while not able to give high enough levels if used by itself to do much good if the amount is low enough to not be inhibitory in week 3, still should be usable in an Androsol or orals cycle by injecting 400 mg on day 1 – of the hundreds of athletes I’ve consulted with though no one has done it that way, so that’s theory but it seems quite sound. Certainly with that dose, levels will drop enough by week 3, and also certainly, it will add significantly to an orals or Androsol cycle. But other steroids would be better because you could have yet higher levels during weeks 1 and 2 without being inhibitory in week 3.

Clomid use during the cycle if aromatizing steroids are used, otherwise no point. Clomid after the cycle for 2 weeks minimum and preferably 4 weeks: 300 mg (50 mg six times) on first day and 50 mg/day after that. In “off” weeks, orals can be used, up to at least 40 mg/day, in the morning only as a “supplement,” but don’t expect morning-only use to give a lot of results because it doesn’t, compared to divided dosing.