Primobolan and Androsol

Ok, I am not a first time user of anabolics…but the cycles I have used were unfortunatly a little uneducated. I am happy with the gains I made but have taken some time off and would like your advice on starting a new cycle consisting of just Primobolan Depot which I have easy access to and Androsol which I am exicited to try. Brock or Bill any info would be great or anyone else. I weigh 180 pounds and have a very low bodyfat%. Thank You

Several options make sense:

  1. Short 2 week cycle. Use Androsol the usual way, but inject up to 1500 mg of Primo on day 1 of cycle, preferably at least 600 mg, and inject 200 mg twice per week through the middle of week 2. Then take 4 weeks off. Clomid after the cycle would be great, Tribex could help too.

  2. Traditional 8 week cycle. Primo at 400-1000 mg/week, injecting 50% more than the weekly dose on your first day, and then half the weekly dose twice per week. Androsol as usual.
    Recovery as above for cycle 1.

  3. Radical low-inhibition, mild cycle: 400 mg/week of Primobolan for up to 8 weeks, but apply Androsol only in the morning, washing off thoroughly with a soapy washcloth at about 7 PM. It’s a good bet that even with the Primo
    also being there, you’ll retain significant natural T production. Nope, haven’t done this
    particular thing, it would be an experiment… but it does work with Primo alone and I’d bet that Androsol during the day alone would not tilt the balance too much. Nandrosol would be
    another option, depending on your preference.

ok Thank You for such a quick and informative response. I think I will go with the first recommendation…one question though what is the best way in inject a gram or or more on the first day first day?

It depends on personal preference. Most prefer using fewer, larger, injections, four of 2.5 mL or three of 3.3 mL, except that a lot of times
what you have is a 3 mL syringe, and also that the smaller the amount you inject, the less the local problem to the tissue. By the way, injections should always be quite slow: I prefer no faster than 30 seconds per mL. Definitely less soreness this way.

Others like local injections to say the biceps
with a 29 gauge insulin needle (there’s quite a bit already posted to the forum on that, accessible by the search feature.) However to me 10 injections is a lot, certainly takes a while, and besides this, I find (Schering) Primo to give something of a dull ache from injection, which I don’t like in the biceps.

Hey Bill, could you do a 4 week Primo cycle injecting 800mg on day 1 and then 400mg per week AND use Androsol throughout (with Clomid)? Or if I was going to do this should I either use D-bol instead of the Androsol or go with your 2 week Primo/Androsol stack?