2 week fat loss

I just wanted to get some feedback on my little fat loss scheme. I will be returning home from a race (in a week), and will have four weeks to prepare for the next race. The race will definitely be drug tested. My goal is to lose 7lbs of fat in 2 weeks, then I’ll have 2 weeks to carb up. I plan on using 70 sprays/day of androsol, 200mcg/day T-2, 6cap of adipokinetix, 1000mg of ala, and lipoburn topical. I’ll let you know how the topical goes, cause I store most of my fat on my hips, and lower abs. I weigh 183, and my skin folds are: chest=9mm low abs=14mm thigh 7mm. I’m hoping to get that ab fold to >9mm. any input is good input, thanks.

Ok so you’re just going to take a bunch of supplements, fast, and sit quietly in the bark-o-lounger from two weeks??? If you want some decent feedback you’re going to need to supply some decent information. Sport, goal(s), training, diet (cals & macros, H2O), sleep, other recovery methods, and last but not least…supplements.