1st Cycle Questions!!

I’m 200lbs at 10% bf, and have been training consistently for the last 5 1/2 years. I was hoping to do a short 3 week cycle to pack on 10 lbs of LBM. Here’s my plan–
Day 1-- 500 mg. of Sustanon 250
Day 7-- 250 mg. of Sustanon 250
Day 1-21-- 20 mg of Anabol/D-bol
– 20 mg. of Nolvadex
(I plan on using Methoxy-7 straight after the cycle)
Does this sound good to most of you?? Thanks!!!

Bill Roberts has said in the past that a 3 week cycle negates the benefit of avoiding HPTA shutdown, while not giving the max. gains of 8-10 week cycles. He has said do 2 weeks or go the whole 9 yards.

Any response Bill?