8 week cycle-Bill?

Ok…enough of this 2 week cycle stuff! I’m a seasoned powerlifter/bodybuilder (6’, 230lbs) with 3 2week cycles under my belt. I tend to retain too little lbm following each 2 week cycle, so now I’m ready to go on an 8 week cycle.

Basically I was thinking 6 weeks of 1000mg Sustanon, followed by 2 weeks of 500mg/week of Primo along with 50mg/day of D-bol. (Possibly followed by 2 weeks of morning-only D-bol for recovery)

  1. I want to add a Class II oral like Winstrol or D-bol in the first 6 weeks, but am concerned about liver toxicity. Is 1000mg of test sufficient for Class II activity?
  2. The 2 final weeks of Primo/D-bol for recovery while the test is getting out of the system…What do you think?
  3. Clomid at 50mg/day?

You da man - thanx in advance!