1st Cycle--Fellow T-Maggers-Help!!

Hi guys! I’m just about to start my 1st cycle–I plan on doing 250mg of Sustanon/week, 20mg of D-bol/day and 20mg Nolvadex/day for a total of 3 weeks.
My aim is to gain 7-8 lbs of lean mass–is this possible at these dosages??? I am 21 years old and have a height of 6’1, and weigh 195 lbs (bodyfat%=10). I have also been training consistently for the last 5 years.
Will the Nolvadex and 20mg/day take care of the gyno problem?
Thanks fellow t-maggers!

You could gain that much weight but I don’t feel that 3 wks is long enough to do anything real productive in. the weight you gain will be mostly water and you need to be on the juice longer to build muscle tissue. the nolvadex will also fight for your receptors which makes in steriods you do take less effective. This will probably be the most effective cycle for muscle gains that you will ever have so make it count. I would personally go no less than 500mg sus divided one on mon.then one on friday and I wouldn’t take the nolvadex unless my nipples got sore cause I’ve taken 1000wk test w/out it

I would reduce Novaldex down to 10 mg or eliminate it all together. This is a really light cycle.

Simon, hey man, we are in similar situations. I’m about to do my first cycle (less than a month now) with Sustanon. I’m only 19 but I’ve been training 5 years as well. However, since your goal is to only gain 7-8 lbs. of lbm, if I were you, I would not even use gear. You might be able to obtain that from eating more/better, training harder, sleeping/resting more, and supplementing more/better. If you already have those down perfect then yeah, you might want to use. I’m going for 25 lbs. of lbm in a 10 week cycle, 4 weeks post cycle. I’m not going to use the d-bol but I am doing Sustanon 250 and Clomid. I think 250mg/week is not enough, especially for your 1st cycle. If you want to gain more lbm, up it to 500mg/week or at most 1000mg/week. Replace the Nolvadex with Clomid at 50mg EOD and you have a solid cycle. Again, if you don’t want to gain more than 10 lbs. of lbm, then don’t even do a cycle. Just my 2 cents though. Let me know what you do.

Tthanks for the quick reply’s guys,

Sounds Good!!-you might want to reduce the Nolva to 10mg/day. See if you have access to Andriol–I used that stuff in a similar cycle!!
Good Luck!!

Your dosages are too low, and your cycle is to short!!

Good cycle–I don’t think you should get any side effects at that dosage