Zone Diets

I’ve heard a lot of talk recently about zone diets particularly for Body Builders. Some bodybuilding nutritionists in my area are even recommending them to clients. Any one have any thoughts (positive or negative) on these types of diets???

I think the ZONE diet is excellent for both athletes and the average person. The first step is to calculate how much protein you require, then carbs and fat grams are worked out from there. The “ZONE” is actually a zone of hormones, especially insulin and glucagon, wherein your body will function optimally. Basically, it requires eating carbs and protein in a 0.75 ratio; that is, 4 grams of carbs for every three grams of protein. Then you add fat. For athletes, for the most part this works out to be the 40/30/30 diet.

Zone dieting is excellent for health and for bodybuilding. Now, it’s true that ultra-low carb diets will perform faster for fat loss, but not necessarily for health. Carbs are a great source of energy for working out, and for stimulating insulin to direct nurishment to muscles afterward, and the Zone includes healthy carbs in responsible portions. Plus, the Zone accomodates the higher protein needs of weightlifters at the 1 g/lb rate, and the fats we need to build muscle and suport testosterone. So yeah, Zone dieting is a good approach.

I find the zone diet good for putting on size while staying relativly lean the only alteration i make is that i eat 40% pro , 40% carbs 20% fat , this works well for me ,

I had better results with the protein at 40% instead of the carbs.Flax helped me get enough fat and my energy levels were pretty good.Come to think of it ,maybe I’ll do that again. Will Brink used to advocate these ideas.

The Zone’s terrific, but his caloric recommendations are usually too low for a BBer. Also, there’s some controversy as to whether high G.I. foods can help you with post-workout. Most sport nutritionists say the higher insulin levels will transport the nutrients quicker. Sears say the hightened insulin levels won’t lower cortisol.

I’ve been playing around with a variation of the Zone program, using some food separation ideas. I like that one the best.

All of my best progress was on the Zone Diet.

Everyone I know 9including me) lost BF on the Zone. keep in mind that Sears doesn’t mean for 40/30/30 to be carved in stone. He also supports 35/35/30.

And don’t get humg up about what anyone says about caloric restrictions. Sears says most people eat more than they need–which is true, especially considering the junk food people consume in this country–but he ALSO says you must not go hungry on the Zone. If you feel hungry, then your hormonal balance is going to skew wrongly, and you must eat.

The impirtant things is a mix of healthy carbs and fats with your protein. Tweak the Zone ratio and anyone can use it.