ZMA Results

What kind of results have everyone had with ZMA? I started taking it last week and have noticed and increased hardness in my muscles and a leaner appearance.

i’m taking zma and tribex and every morning wake up with a hard-on. must be doing something. strength keeps going up, but nothing drastic. feel better while on the combo also. i’m 33.

I’ve noticed that ZMA helps me sleep better most nights. And I do have very vivid dreams. Other than that, I haven’t noticed anything else. I’ve been taking it for at least 8 months.

Here’s my usual advice to people about ZMA: It’s a helpful product, but most don’t notice any huge immediate gains. If your hormone levels are affected because you lack these minerals, then ZMA will help. I think of ZMA as a multivitamin i.e. it helps you cover all the bases, but it’s not going to make you blow up overnight. (If you’re really really deficient, you may notice faster results however. Those who train hard tend to be deficient to some extent.) I take it, I like it, I seem to sleep better, but I don’t get Androsol-like immediate gains from it. I’ve put on a lot of muscle since I’ve been taking it, but since I’ve also been using a lot of other Biotest stuff, I can’t say exactly how effective it is by itself. Like a multivitamin, it’s a long term “just in case” product. I consider it part of my core supplementation, like vitamins, fiber, fish oil, etc.

I believe you’re experiencing the old placebo effect. It’s a good supplement, but there is no way in hell it has gotten you leaner or done anything else for that mattter in only a week!

I will agree that it is by no means a miracle supplement but nonetheless I consider it one of the many important “pieces of the puzzle,” especially if you’re training your arse off. I sleep like a baby when I take it so in that respect I really like it.

Cool, if it’s just a placebo effect I’ll take it. The mind is always the most important thing anyway. Also, with as poor as my diet is it can’t hurt!

Honestly? Not much…I now just pop some generic magnesium oxide and zinc for extra measure (much more affordable). Since I use MRP’s and eat very healthy foods, I’m sure I was already getting enough of those minerals anyhow.

Little or no anabolic effect, but vivid dreams and I haven’t had a cold since I began taking it last spring, despite a house full of sick kids.

Every time I take a standard serving of ZMA (3 capsules) I can definitely tell the effect. I get a big “woooof!” and a kick in the pants sort of feeling about 5-10 mins after I take it. I get really horny and absolutely have to beat off if I want to fall asleep before 5am. So, I do not use it very often. I wonder if I can just take it during the day so it does not screw with my sleep.

i really enjoy the sleep i get from taking zma. and i tend to have some really vivid dreams while on the stuff. i think taking zma is a must, cause there have been nights when i couldnt sleep due to my increased test levels. Zma does make it easier for getting that much needed sleep at night. Plus the stuff is cheap enough anyway