Yet another darn Mag-10 ? for Bill

Bill, I was wondering if we can make the normal 2-week OFF cycle longer than two weeks without losing any gains. I’ve had some muscle gain without a doubt, but I’ve also had a lot more fat gain than I was hoping for and the clothes are too tight. I’d like to take a bit more fat off before I do my next bottle of Mag-10 than just the “stage three” workout will likely allow in just two weeks. You think this will be ok?

Absolutely. Actually, I view the normal “off” time as being 4 weeks, which definitely allows for a good pattern and rate of fat loss between gaining cycles.

Briefer times like 2 weeks are appropriate
for those in a bigger hurry to gain muscle mass, and less hurry to lose fat. (Unless they’re planning for alternate cycles to
be fat loss cycles, in which case 2 on / 2 off can be rapid for losing fat every other cycle.)

Assuming that one was planning on cutting some fat in between cycles on the 2 weeks on/2 weeks off plan, what would be a reasonable goal in terms of pounds bodyfat to lose? I definitely added more muscle than fat, but I’m at a noticeably higher bodyfat than before my first cycle. I don’t want to go keto right away, but, at the same time, I am hesitant to go on another bulking cycle unless I am lean. Any thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.

I thought it was advised to NOT diet right after your Mag-10 cycle when not on any goodies.

I think that the advice was not to diet TOO STRINGENTLY, not that you couldn’t diet at all…

The first week or two should be maintenance
calories. The remaining two or three weeks (if total off time is four weeks) can be one to two pounds per week.

My personal results on my first five two on / four off cycles seem, in retrospect, pretty typical of what most users get. I went from a well-off-of-best-natural-condition sad state of 180 lb and about 17% bf (I had been under some severe stress which cost significant LBM and added way more fat than I realized was happening, since weight wasn’t going up) to 200 lb and 6.5% bf. So let’s see, that’s a change from 31 lb bodyfat to 13 lb bf, or 18 lb in five cycles, or 3-4 lb per cycle average.

Actually the first few cycles were much faster
in fat loss, typically dropping two or 2.5 percent bodyfat per cycle, and the last two less fast, about one or 1.5 percent bf per cycle.

These results were pretty typical. You can go much faster if desired by making some of the “on” weeks heavy dieting though of course LBM gains would then be less.