XSteelDriver Surge Log

Two years driving steel, 20 years military. 25 years timber framing & dog handler. Supposedly retired. 5’ 7" 156. Chest 44 Waist 33.5 Arm 15.5 Forearm 13.75 or 15 depends how you measure. Legs, nevermind.

Borrowed enough Surge for today. Mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. First off knees seem shot on leg press. Pain. Quit on legs, don’t want to be a invalid. Did Dumbbell rows instead of barbell. Been 50 years since I’ve used a barbell. Don’t trust low back. I train forearms on all 4 axis of wrist but I can do this for 4 weeks. Real good pump on Tri’s. Took a arm picture after workout, if I can load it. DB row- 60#-10. DB pullover-60-10. Chin- 9. Stimulate-- pullover-60X9. Flutter-- pullover- 60x 20 seconds.
Tri press down- 100x 8. Dips- 8. Tri press down 100 x8. Stimulate- DB tri ext-- 60x8. Flutter-- 60x20 seconds.
Wrist curl–185x12. Rev wrist curl–90x8. Reverse curl–95x10. Stimulate-- Wrist curls- 185x8. Flutter 185x20 seconds

0300 before I could sleep last night. Doing stretches at midnight. Today some gymnastics stretches and abs. Did farmers walk with 5 gallons buckets of water for dogs. Lost track of steps after 200. Still hot.

Lost a close military buddy today. Damn cancer. Grief and anger I threw my ring straps over the outside mount. 97° but I don’t care. Went something like this:. Inverted row, ring chins, inverted rows, inverted rows. Ring tricep extension, ring dips, tricep extension, tricep extensions. Ring chins, curls, chins, pelican curls, hammer curls. Than I drove steel pipes in the ground with my hammer. One serious pump.

A couple of cold before arm photos. Loose elbow skin and all. I don’t think that will change.


Great muscle bellies.

Let’s see if we can use the loose skin to cover all the extra muscle you gain. We’ll get you there.

(Sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, I know how you feel.)

Thank you. It was a surprise because he refused to tell me he had cancer. I understand his reasoning.

20 June. I’ll call this the first workout. I decided on rings for several reasons. The taxpayers funded gym will be closed 1-4 July plus a scheduled ORE is coming and the gym will be a casualty center for 5 days. I have 3 years experience as a gymnast from 14-17 years old. Rings we’re my favorite. Although we didn’t use them with bodybuilding in mind. The picture is at 16 after maybe a year of rings and a little weight training. I would break the HS pull-up record and time to complete the obstacle course as a Jr.
Lats, Triceps and Forearms. Chins with false grip- 10. Inverted rows- 10. Supination chins- 9. Stimulate- Inverted rows-8. Flutter-- Inverted rows struggle for 20 sec. Triceps- Tricep extension- 10. Dips-9. Tricep extension-10, maybe. Stimulate- Feet elevated tricep dips- 8.Triceps are shot now. It’s a struggle. Flutter-- more tricep dips. Feet barely off ground now. Shot. Looking forward to forearms, already pumped. It’s hammer time. 6 pound with a 18 inch thick handle. Pronation and sup - 12. One arm at a time. Reverse levers-12. Triceps burning now. Front levers-10. Stimulate- Pronation & sup. Flutter- Pronation & supp. A easy 1/2 pump on upper arms & 3/8 on forearms. Way harder than I expected. Rings do well with Pre- stretch and it’s easy to adjust the resistance. But only down to a point.

Soreness today: trapezius, rhomboid, upper lat, deltoid ( front, side, rear) , pectoral and triceps. No joint pain. If I can wake up tomorrow with no joint pain after rings it’s a miracle. Today, numerous scapular and core exercises.

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22June- shoulders, lats, bicep & calves. The ring curls seem to work due to the tension at contractions. Due to working Brachioradialis & Brachialis hard all these years forearms want to do all the pulling and pump up first. Pelican curls are a serious stretch.
Deadhang with false grip-, lateral raises with bands, face pulls. Stimulate- dumbbells o/h press, lateral raises- farmers walk. Flutter-- lateral raises.
Lats- Chins with false grip-10 , inverted rows-10. Sup chin-7. Stimulate-Inverted rows-10 Flutter-- Inverted rows - 20 sec.
Biceps - ring curl-10, ring chin-7, ring curls-8. Stimulate- Pelican curl-8. Flutter- ring curl- top half- 20 seconds. So another great forearm pump.

Had to respond to a emergency. Workout postponed until Saturday.

Looks like I tore a Flexor digitorum superficialis (flexor digitorum sublimis) in my best arm. Lifted one side of a fridge up with fingers extended to slide carpet underneath. I know it’s tied to the 4th and 5th digits. Painful. Story of my life, was making great progress according to the tape measure. Will see what I can do or can’t. My son starts workout #7 tomorrow doing everything according to the program. It’s working for him, no doubt. Wished I could load some pictures.

My son. Blurred picture.

A small tricep pump from trying out my injured forearm using a 4tpi rip saw in 8/4 hard maple. Most brutal tricep pump came from training for the hand tool Olympics. Ripped a 8 foot length of 2" yellow pine as fast as I could go. It was like Viagra gone bad. Four hours later my GF is trying to massage the pump out .

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Seems I’ve been plagued with evil spirits since I started the challenge but my son is on a Surge roll.


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