Zonetrainer's Surge Challenge Log

54 years old, 6-1, 192 lbs., training since 1982, exclusively SuperSlow for 25 years, JReps since 2007.

Finished the first week’s workouts Friday.
After Monday’s workout, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do this. I long ago discarded exercise speeds faster than 4-5 seconds, and 1 second seemed unnecessarily ballistic and unproductive, but I agreed to try it, so I gave it my best. Of all the exercises, the leg extension and leg curl are my least favorite so far. That could be because I expected too much from them, didn’t understand that they are just the “first layer”, to be built on and not an end unto themselves. Wasn’t too crazy about the leg press either. After years of performing jReps 1/3’s on an Avenger Leg Press, the loading and inroad wasn’t even close. Again, I didn’t yet understand the role of each exercise and it’s cumulative effect on the target muscle group. Even still, this grouping produced the worst pump of any the groups so far. Next was lats and I was not looking forward to 2 of my least favorite exercises, bent rows and db pullovers. I’ve never gotten much out of bent rows for the rhomboids, much less the lats and Monday’s workout was no different. I’m going to replace it with another set of front grip pull downs this week. I know how to perform db pullovers from years of doing them as part of the BIG routine, but hadn’t done them since I got a pullover machine several years ago. Apparently, during that time, my upper and lower back have become very inflexible and my upper back went into spasm during the first rep. I finished the set and did all the other pullover sets, but swore that was it for both db pullovers and possibly the Challenge. One/one front grip pull downs were much easier than the zone reps I was accustomed to, but I pumped out 8 reps. The pullovers didn’t seem to provide much of a pump and I was sure they were going to destroy my already deranged shoulders, but the following day my lats were fuller and my shoulders felt great. Triceps were the the highlight of the first session. Weight selection was spot on, only change up was to swap db French curl with the underhand bb version, so I could lean against the seat back to alleviate the upper back pain. Nice full pump, but not devastated feeling afterward. Ditto forearms, chose the right resistance and was swole an hour later. Started drinking Lemon Drop Surge 30 mins before starting the work out so I had to guzzle it in 10 mins., decided to start 45 mins. before the next session, to give myself 25 mins. to drink the dose.

I had Wild Berry Surge for the last dose before bed on Monday, much prefer it to the lemon. Decided to have Wild Berry before and after workouts, Lemon Drop before bed and on off days. I train in my garage, early in the morning after watering plants and lawn, but it’s already hot and that makes drinking it during easier. It does seem to give me a nice even rush without the jitters from caffeine. I’m definitely noticing a decrease in appetite from taking in that much sweet flavored water and I have to push myself to eat. One strategy I discarded was training before breakfast, better to eat early and make sure I get 600 calories a couple hours before the workout, then eat 600 cal. again soon after.
Started with shoulders on Wednesday, and the 40 second hang, which coincidentally, I have been doing for the past few months after reading Ken Hutchin’s writings on the Kirsch hang exercises. It shouldn’t surprise me that the straight arm pullover wouldn’t hurt but instead help my shoulders. Way underestimated the weight needed for 1/1 sec. continuous db laterals as the resistance curve is so backwards, heavy dumbbells can and should be used to get a nice pump, same for upright rows. I can’t say the same for the stimulate overhead press, went way too heavy and had to stop at 7 reps to avoid failure. I question whether db laterals are the best choice for the stimulate modality as there is no resistance in the stretch position, going to try cable laterals next time. All of that aside, still got a great pump in my delts. Wound up doing regular shrugs, way too much going on with the stimulate method for such a small movement. Biceps-wow ! I could tell the weights would need to be ridiculously light, and I was right, but what a to-the-bone pump! I did the 3 stimulate phase exercises seated on an incline bench with the elbows supported for maximum stretch. Calves were a struggle. Tried and gave up on rigging a seated heel raise set up and didn’t feel the toes pointed leg curls in the calves much. Wound up doing standing heel raise @1/1 continuous x 12 reps, bent over heel raise @ 1/1 continuous x12 , REST 60 secs., heavy negative accentuated standing heel raise x 12, REST 60 secs., mid range flutters for 20 secs. Big nice pump. Going to try the seated heel raises and toes pointed leg curl again next time.

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Also on day 2
Decided to stick with the bent row, just consider it a warm up and the db pullover, even though my upper back was still extremely tight, the overall lasting pump and fullness in my lats, shoulders and chest from the first workout were too good to monkey with.

Day 3
I’m writing this on Sunday, and my chest is still full from the Friday workout, followed to the letter. The first three pump exercises are the perfect pre-exhaust for the stimulate and flutter bench press.
Used the same weights for the biceps and triceps blocks as day 2 with the same results; searing pain and a bloated arm. Interestingly, neither my biceps or triceps got sore at all, but my chest and thighs are still sore 2 days later. The leg workout is brutal especially the stimulate and flutter squats. The pump was much better than the thigh block from Day 1.

Monday’s #4 workout was another good one. Gulped down the first Surge dose in less than a minute, no adverse effects, just wasn’t used to drinking that much liquid that quickly. Same weights on triceps exercises, but unlike last week, I am sore the next day. Another good lat session, with the same weights, but I did swap the bb bent row for seated high row. Increased weight on all 3 wrist curl exercises, and made the reps with a much better pump. Calves pump was much better without losing time transitioning to seated heel raise and pointed toes leg curls. Instead I substituted 1/3’s mid range and top range (20 secs. each) heel raises in the pump phase.

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Todays #5 workout was tough, but spot on in terms of resistance and I think repetitions. I say that because I lost count on a couple of exercises, stimulate squats and Z curls. I made a video of most of the exercises, but got distracted and didn’t move the phone for those 2. The stimulate phases are tough for me as moving in one second on the positive and lowering to the mid position, is not second nature and requires me to count, while also counting the 5 second negative and 1 second or 10 second stretch. I’ve done a good job capturing everything on my phone until today, but I’m pretty sure I got the reps in. Another big pump in my chest, pretty good thigh pump, biceps are a given at this point and forearms are staying nice and tight.

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Your body will thrive on this training. Just give yourself time to acclimate. I know the methods you’ve used in the past, and the change will do you a lot of good. Doing new effective methods that you’ve not been doing is very effective.