Who in here has wrestled or is wrestling at this current time? Im still a highschool wrestler and just recently won the state championships in michigan at the 215 lb weight class. just wonderin

I wrestled in high school but unfortunately our school did not have any intramural competition, let alone at the State level, and frankly the team was nothing exceptional. I was just a middle-of-the-pack guy. BTW, I remember that my freshman year, I was something like 95 or 97 lb… was 147 as a senior.

i just completed my junior year… my freshman year i was 145 pounds and jv… last year i went up to the 189 pound weight class and went about .500 and didnt make it to state… then i went up to 215 this year and ended up winning state… no roids included

I graduated from coventry high school in 1996, then a wresting power, and had the pleasure of seeing 2 state champ teams, including chad owens who placed second in the world in greco-roman competition the highest placing of any american until harry lester of cuyahoga valley christian academy won it this year, and John Mcghee who won 4 state championships, one of only 9 people to do that, all the others started at 103, john as a freshman won the 135lb class, arguably the toughest class. All of them were tough son a bitches and I’m sure you are too, congratulations.

Yup…I was 4-20 @ 145 lbs. (chub) my sophomore year (first year). Last year I wrestled at 130 and went 15-7. This year I was at 140 and went 28-1 and took fourth in the state (open) tournament in CT.

Congrats, Spencer and Paul, those are good accomplishments. And I used to wrestle too, back in high school, 3 years ago now, however I sucked compared to you guys, I was a 119 my freshman year and went probably just over .500 and then long story short I was a 170 my senior year and went about .500, I had some spectacular matches, but I was too strong for my own good and was never really as interested in technique as I should have been, our team won state in CA my junior year. I sucked technically but if I somehow got my opponent in a bad position I was the master of torquing down and making him pay for it, keep it up fellas, wrestling kicks ass. Late.

Congratulations Spencer! Michigan is no easy state either. Thats impressive. What are your college plans? As for my wrestling career, I peaked in high school when i won my council and the class sectionals. In college I was mediocre, because too much of my style was based on strength. In high school, if you can bench 250 and the other guy can bench 120 then you have a big advantage. But in college if you bench 350 and the other guy can bench 250, it doesn’t mean so much. Just using the bench press as an example that everyone can relate to. However my little brother beat a national champ this year in college, but his school is ineligible for Nationals. Oh well.

ya the university of michigan wants me and so does msu where my brother goes. He is there 149 pounder and looks like a miniature lee preist ( implying that he is very short but buff to hell!) he went to nationals this year and was expected to be an all american but ended up getting beat out becasue he had the worst tournament of his life. He did however beat the guy who took first and the guy who took third earlier in the year so it was a good season

I wrestled back in high school. ('92 & '93). I pretty much sucked, but it was great. I started my first season off weighing in at 155lbs, but got down to the 135 class. My second year I wrestled at 126. Even though my technique was better at 126, I did better at 135. By the way, now I’m about 205. I posted a message previously wondering if anyone knew of wrestling instruction/competition for adults. I’d really love to wrestle again.

Nice thread! I wrestled from 7th grade through high school and in junior college as well as in the wrestlin club at FSU. Wrestling to me was and is one of the toughest sports, great for strengthening the mind, body and building self esteem. I never minded the practice, even did twice a days quite often. It paid off during the years. From sectionals, to counties to states and tournaments all over. I wrestled at weights ranging from 112 to 136, always ended up anywhere from 1-4 in the county (Nassau) and state. Luckily, I was priveldged to be on a team that was county champs and nationally ranked in college. After college I did find a club to roll around with in NYC and in Greenwich, CT. Let me tell you, now that I crossed the 30 border, wrestling would mean longer warmups for sure! I wouldn’t of changed anything except to have trained smarter.