Would You Kill Someone?

No, I’m not contemplating murder (at least not this week). But I’m curious. Under what circumstances would you, personally, with a gun, a knife, a club, or with your bare hands, end the life of another human being?

Would you do it for money? For love? For revenge? For a political ideal? For religion? In self-defence? For fun? Or never?

“Everyone I’ve killed was someone’s father… someone’s son…someone’s brother.”

–The Mariachi

I would never kill anyone. It’s not worth it, no matter how bad the situation. Taking a person’s life is uncalled for.

Love (I assume you mean they are coming after a family member), revenge, self-defense

In the defense of my family I wouldn’t flinch.

During a bout of 'roid rage, just after playing a violent video game. In fact, it happens every time.

If I had no other options I would kill someone in a self defense situation. I think it’s naive to say that killing someone is never an option.

There are too many situations in which I would kill someone to name here. Hell, that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life; kill people.

Threaten my family, let me see you hitting a woman or a child, attack me or my family, or touch my food I will not hesitate one second.

Okay the food was a little over the top.

I’d kill.

Just saw American Psycho. I may be tempted. Just kidding of course.

I cant figure out if some of you guys are joking or not. Hardcore Horn and trainerDC specifiaclly.

Yes, but it would completely depend on the situation and the person, and my ability to either get away with it one way or another.

I think there are many people out there who don’t deserve life. I know, who am I to take it, right? Well, I think we save people too often, and we are ruining Earth because of it.

We don’t have that same sense of survival of the fittest as other animals do, and I think that will lead to our downfall as one of the shortest lived beings on Earth, besides the ones we already destroy before we’re gone.

I would

In defense of my family, I wouldn`t hesitate, or in self defense if the other person(s), intends to do the same to me.

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beyond 500 meters without a scope I might have a problem.

Are we considering zombies human beings? If so, then yes - absolutely.

More importantly, the stages afterwards are Shock, Disbelief, and Glad that wasn’t me that got shot.

For my immediate family i wouldn’t hesitate. Also if someone were to come and do BB curls in my squat rack.

Klippy would.

Killing…Mmm mmm good.