winstrol + ?

Hi there. I need a steroid i can stack with oral winstrol! Maby a androgen steroid? It have to be ORAL, and it must not bind water! I need to look drugfree! Any ideas? (Im 85kg(180ibs), 21y old, 160kg(335ibs) benchpress, workout 4-5 times per week, smal leggs (to smal), great pecks!
Please help me out!!
( )

(does “the one-day arm cure” work??)

// Martin

My top two choices would be Primo (up to
a gram per week if you can afford it,
and at least 400 mg) or trenbolone acetate
if available.

By the way, if you have a lot of androgen
in the system you do get what I call androgenic
water retention. It is nowhere near as bad as estrogenic water retention, and is mainly or
entirely in the face and within muscle, and
usually not subcutaneous (although I do know
someone who seems to get androgenic subcutaneous water retention, though not much.)

It is usually not enough to make you look as though
you are obviously using.

To Bill! Oral primobolan?