Orals only

If you could only take orals(AS) and no injectables what would you take? I am currently having this problem.
Any help is appreciated

Well juggalo, I’m guessin you’re a newcomer to this site, so I’m just gonna kinda fill you in on some stuff. To begin, never ask a personal question regarding routine or supplementation without leaving your stats ie: height, weight, years training, current routine and/or supplementation, some of your concerns about what you are asking, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the goals you have in asking this question. Second, please make sure you attempt to find the information elsewhere at T-mag first. You may not even need to ask us after reading a little, and even if not, the answers we will give you would most likely be a little difficult to understand unless you have some sort of backround before you read our answers. I don’t mean to offend you or anything, I’m just tellin you how it is here. Trust me, guys on this will rip into you at lot worse than you might think I just did. I was a newbie on this thing a while back, and believe me I asked some questions that got some harsh feedback. But it helped me a lot to post more informative questions, and in turn receive a lot more informative answers. So, in conclusion, feel free to stick some stats on here, your goals in this cycle you’re starting, and maybe any prior knowledge you have of AAS’s and what you may want to try. Assuming you do this, I’m sure you will get the knowledgable answers you are seeking. Good luck and happy growing.

#1, I have difficulty with the idea that it is a real problem of
actually only being able to use orals and no injectables. If
one can obtain the one kind, one can obtain the other, they
come from the same sources. The real issue is generally,
don’t WANT to use injectables, which if one is going to be
using anabolic steroids, is a mistaken philosophy.

However, to answer your question literally, if I were doing
that, and cost were not an issue, I would use Primobolan
and Winstrol, divided into 5 doses daily if
planning on gains, or morning-only if a “supplement” kind of
thing. The Primo would be 100-200 mg/day,
and the Winstrol 50-100 mg/day. Obviously,
being 17-alkylated, the duration of Winstrol
use is limited as is the fraction of time
that I would be on it.

Hey jc, relax. Juggalo was not asking anyone to come up with a cycle for him, he was only asking for people’s opinion. So maybe you should read the post more thoroughly before listing all your criteria for a suitable post.

50 mg a day of oxymetholone. 4 weeks on 4 off. clomid 50 mg a day during first 2 off weeks. Be a man, and get over your irrational fear of needles, you will have a lot more options.

OK, I’m a sissy too! No way I’m gonna push a needle 1 inch into a muscle! I’m afraid of needles big time, justified or not. I’m afraid of the pain, blood, infections, and just seeing a needle penetrating my body is going to make me faint! That’s why I thank god for Androsol and any non-injectable products from Biotest. The only way I would use injectable is if a competant person does it for me, on my ass so I don’t see… maybe after total anestesia… (oh shit, anestesia requires an injection…)

I’m open to people’s comments though. Please reassure me. Now excuse me I have to go play with my barbie doll.

Primo, d-bol used in combination. Maybe some anadrol for variety. Winny is cool but you’d have to take about 20 of thoses fuckers a day for good results.

Brock had this to say concerning oral-only use in a prior post:

“I think 25mg of oxandrolone with 25-50mg of stanozolol would make a kick ass stack for 6-8 weeks. I am sure there will be some HPTA inhibition but since neither aromatizes to an estrogen, it will be substantially less than a stack with testosterone or dianabol. To be honest, Bill and I tossed around an idea that if we could put any roid(s) in a capsule that we wanted to make a “super vitamin” we’d put 20-25mg of oxandrolone and 50mg of stanozolol with 50mg of methenolone acetate. I would expect VERY good and quite permanent gains from this type of thing too.”

This should help.