Winstrol powder

I have found a place that sells winstro in a powdered form ready to capsule, a reasonable price for 5 grams of winny. I have never bought it this way. What would be the best way to take this-put it in capsules-how would I do that? Or could I mix it with water and drink it. If I mixed it in water and put a days worth in a syringe or eye dropper could I I drink it from there?

get quick -cap making tools. i thinkits like 14 bucks and then 10 bucks for 1000 “00” capsules. very cheap and easy

You could dump it in Androsol and spray it
on but as Bill pointed out, that is not
the most efficient (even if it is easy) way
to use it.

Alternatively, you could dissolved the 5g in
100 or 200ml of propylene glycol, giving you
a 50mg or 100mg per ml solution which you
could consume orally.

If PG is too hard to obtain, you could try
using grain alcohol and do the exact same


what are quick caps, where do I get them? -any other suggestions?

I got Winstrol from these same guys, mix all 5grams with 100ml of water. 1ml=50mgs, drink away. Just shake it up before each use or could go to kilosports . They sell both the caps and the quick capper cheap…Nick