Powder capsules

Has anyone made their own powder capsules? What would be the easiest way to measure out 15mg capsules for winny? What measuring device would be best?

I bought a small electronic pocket scale on the web for about $70. It measures in Grams and Ounces. 15mg capsules are a breeze with this battery powered genius. Post here and I’ll email you directly to tell you where I got the scale.


Scaleman web site, go there for a scale.

How would 15mg be easy to weight with this scale if the lowest measure is 1g? I would use it for 50mg, I suppose I could weigh 1 g of a substance then cut seperate it in half by eye. Any other way to measure 50mg powder that I dont want to mix w/ any other substance?

The scale I bought is actually acurate to 0.1g. So 15mg of winny is no problem.

There seems to be some serious confusion going on here. 1000mgs equals 1 gram. If you cut a gram in half you’d have 500mgs, not 50. If your scale reads accurate to only 0.1g, then that’s only accurate to the nearest 100mgs. That’s not very good, especially if you want to measure out quantities as small as 10 or 15mgs. I’m guessing your scale is more accurate than you’re telling us. Maybe you meant to the nearest 0.1mgs?

Either way, I’m curious what you did after you weighed it out. Did you encapsulate them or what? If so, where did you find a machine to do it, or did you use some other method?

A scale that is accurate to 0.1 g would not work for weighing out 15 mg of winny. With 0.1 g accuracy means its measurements vary by 100 mg.

As for getting capsules and filling them, do a search for Developed Reasources or a search for supplements. Developed Reasources has a branch that sells bulk supplements, capsules, filling devices and scales. I don’t know how accurate the scales are, but they may work.

It is not the easiest thing.

Find out how many mL (using a graduated
cylinder) of cornstarch is needed to fill
say 50 caps of the size you want to use,
using the filling method you use. For
example, a Cap-M-Quick, and tapping on it
to make the power settle in, then adding
more, tapping, etc. This might be for
example 30 mL for size 0. The figure
is an example only. I haven’t done
a cornstarch-only or almost-all-cornstarch
mix as yours would be. It also depends
on how settled the cornstarch is in the
graduated cylinder. The main thing is
that you have a consistent method between
your initial calibration (this first test)
and the actual filling.

So now you know, 50 capsules requires,
in this example, 30 mL. Let’s say you
want 25 mg per capsule (you would want
less if you want to take only 50 mg/day,
like 10 or 12.5 mg). So, 50 capsules
makes 1.25 grams. So you take 1.25 grams of stanozolol, and add enough
cornstarch so that the volume is 30 mL
when added to the graduated cylinder,
after having shaken the stanozolol/cornstarch
mixture. You can measure the volume of the
stanozolol and subtract it from 30 mL,
as a first guess of how much cornstarch
is needed (in this example where the value
is 30 mL: your value may be different.)

If done consistently, this amount should
exactly fill your capsules. If not, you
blew it! :wink:

If you’re getting the powder from GW, I believe (i have not used his service) that the oral powders are not pure… i.e. there is something added for packing/shipping reasons. Therefore, you cannot weigh out your dosages, rather, you have to use a liquid preparation.

I suppose you could weigh all the powder when it arrives, figure out what % is actually stanozolol and adjust accordingly…

I would imagine it’s MUCH easier to dump the powder in 1/2 liter of everclear and measure out individual doses w/a syringe.